Academic Catalog

Pupil Personnel Services (PPS)

PPS 501. Leadership in School and College Counseling. (3 Units)

Required Co-requisite: PPS 525. This course examines the roles of the counselor within the field of school and college counseling, including the counselor as leader and advocate for students, community, and the counseling profession. Leadership and professionalism will be explored against the context of the history and foundations of the profession, the core requirements necessary to become school and college counselors, and the various employment opportunities and settings in educational counseling.

PPS 505. Human Diversity. (3 Units)

Examines the counselor's role in serving diverse student populations within educational systems, including implicit and explicit bias; understanding one's impact upon cross-cultural relationships; and the necessity for social justice and advocacy by counselors. Restricted to majors.

PPS 508. Law and Ethics in Educational Counseling. (3 Units)

Examines ethical, legal and professional issues in educational counseling, as well as implications for minority group and cross-cultural counseling.

PPS 512. Constl & Collab in Multcul Set. (3 Units)

Prerequisite: GED 500, GED 501 and PPS 525. Prepares counseling students to apply knowledge of theories, models, and processes of consultation, and understand the difference between consultation and collaboration. Skill development in communication, interpersonal, and problem-solving abilities while working with teachers, administrators, families, and other community professionals.

PPS 515. Counseling Theories. (3 Units)

Examines major theories within the counseling filed in relation to individual personality and development, with a focus on application to school and college settings. Restricted to majors.

PPS 520. Program Development and Evaluation in Counseling. (3 Units)

Training in the development, implementation, and evaluation of counseling programs within schools and colleges, including the use of needs assessments, testing, and data to improve student outcomes. Restricted to majors.

PPS 525. Group Dynam Pers Growth. (3 Units)

Provides a personal growth experience for students based on readings and group participation. The experiential aspects of the course will provide the basis for an analysis of group dynamics and application of techniques for understanding self and others, as well as developing good interpersonal skills. CR/NC grading. Non-Repeatable.

PPS 530. Sem Tech of Indiv Counsel. (3 Units)

Prerequisite: PPS 515. An advanced course in counseling techniques appropriate for use in educational and community settings. Students will practice various counseling techniques used to establish a positive relationship with clients and assist them in making desired life changes. Three hours of seminar per week.

PPS 535. Seminar in Career and Academic Counseling. (3 Units)

Provides knowledge and skill in career and academic counseling, with emphasis on the roles of the high school and college counselor in student advisement. Includes overview of college admissions advisement, transfer requirements, computer applications for academic and vocational information, and career theories and assessments. Restricted to majors.

PPS 536. Foundations of College Counseling. (3 Units)

Prerequisite: PPS 525 is required. Examines the role of the college counselor within higher education and provides a conceptual and historical overview of student development, including student affairs, student services and special populations.

PPS 537. College Counseling Practicum. (3 Units)

Prerequisite: PPS 525 is required. Supervised practice in the varying functions of college counseling, including field based experiences providing academic, personal/social, and career counseling on a college campus. CR/NC grading.

PPS 538. Fieldwork in College Counseling. (3 Units)

Prerequisites: PPS 525, PPS 530, PPS 535, PPS 536 and PPS 537 are required. Advanced field experience directly related to the functions and responsibilities of college counselors. Experience a minimum of two different settings within a college campus is required. CR/NC grading. Repeatable for credit.

PPS 540. Sem: Tech Group Counsl. (3 Units)

Prerequisites: PPS 515 and PPS 530. An advanced course in group counseling techniques appropriate for use in educational and community settings. Developmental issues as they relate to counseling. Approaches for remedial and preventive counseling. Three hours of seminar per week.

PPS 545. Couns Childrn Youth & Familes. (3 Units)

Prerequisites: GED 500, GED 501 and PPS 525. Advanced techniques appropriate for counseling children youth and families. Exploration of developmental and socio-cultural issues. Prepares counselors for an eclectic approach to assisting children, youth and families in problem-solving.

PPS 550. Crisis Intervention in Educational Settings. (3 Units)

Prerequisites: GED 500, GED 501 and PPS 525. Intensive training in prevention/intervention strategies for educational and community settings with an emphasis on reducing risks associated with violence and crisis.

PPS 554. School Counseling Practicum. (3 Units)

Prerequisites: GED 500, GED 501 and PPS 525. Supervised practice using individual and group counseling interventions for academic, social, emotional, and behavioral problems of children and youth. Candidates participate as leaders of simulated student study teams. CR/NC grading. Three hours of seminar per week.

PPS 555. Child Welfare and Attendance Fieldwork. (3 Units)

Co-requisites: PPS 557 and PPS 558 are required. Field experience directly related to the functions and responsibilities of Child Welfare and Attendance counselors. Students will work with pupils to apply and implement school attendance improvement strategies and truancy intervention measures and procedures. CR/NC grading.

PPS 556. Funct Analy and Behvr Chng. (3 Units)

Prerequisites: PPS 512 and PPS 564. In this advanced course, candidates apply behavioral theory in the analysis of the antecedents, consequences, and functions of serious behavior problems from an ecological perspective. Procedures for designing, implementing and evaluating the effectiveness of academic and/or behavioral accommodations or intervention programs are an emphasis in this course, as are the creation of positive interventions, and the teaching of replacement behaviors based on legal mandates.

PPS 557. Child Welfare and Attendance. (3 Units)

Prerequisites: PPS 554 is required. Co-requisites: PPS 555 and PPS 558 are required. Provides knowledge and skill in program leadership and management, collaboration and partnerships, assessment and evaluation of barriers to student learning and monitory Average Daily Attendance, utilizing legal and procedural strategies associated with building maximum levels of school attendance. CR/NC grading. Restricted to majors.

PPS 558. School Attendance Improvement and Truancy Remediation: Prevention and Intervention. (3 Units)

Prerequisites: PPS 557 or concurrent enrollment. Provides knowledge and skill in providing programs and services to remove barriers to learning and improve pupil attendance. Field experience directly related to the functions and responsibilities of Child Welfare and Attendance counselors is required. CR/NC.

PPS 559. Assessment Theory and Techniques for Linguistically and Culturally Different. (3 Units)

Prerequisites: SPE 560, SPE 460 and PPS 520. Theories and techniques for assessing pupils with diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Issues related to second language development, bilingual, cognitive language development and socio-linguistic factors affecting language usage. Three hours of seminar per week.

PPS 560. MS Counseling Capstone Requirement. (3 Units)

An advanced course providing a comprehensive and critical examination of applied counseling content and skills. Students will be required to demonstrate competency through oral and written capstone examinations for fulfillment of the degree. Consent of instructor required.

PPS 562. Practicum in School Psychology I. (3 Units)

Prerequisites: PPS 520 is required. Administration, scoring and beginning interpretation of tests of psychological processing and ability/cognition as well as alternative instruments and measurements. Candidates demonstrate appropriate assessment practices through supervised practice. Experiences shadowing credentialed school psychologists and providing service learning within the public school setting is required for 150 hours or more.

PPS 564. Seminar in Multicultural Educational Assessment and Evaluation. (3 Units)

Prerequisite: PPS 520 and PPS 562. Interpretation of ecological evaluations for pupils from diverse backgrounds with an emphasis on cross validation of results. Observations, review of records, interviews, and assessment results are considered when complete psycho-educational evaluations are written and orally presented with recommendations, goals and objectives.

PPS 566. Practicum in School Psychology II. (3 Units)

Prerequisite: PPS 520, PPS 530, PPS 562 and PPS 564. Preschool Assessment and experience with additional standardized and alternative methods appropriate for school aged children. Presentation of cases for simulated IEP meetings. Advanced experiences shadowing school psychologists and service learning within the public schools brings practica total to 450 hours.

PPS 571. Multicultural Case Study Methods in School Psychology. (3 Units)

Prerequisites: PPS 520, PPS 562 and PPS 564. Issues related to second language development and the assessment of English Language Learners are applied in case studies. Appropriate selection of ecological evaluations, recommendations, and standards based goals continue for a variety of eligibility categories. Simulated IEP meetings require oral presentation.

PPS 572. Assessment and Intervention for Autism, Emotional, and Behavior Disorders. (3 Units)

Prerequisites: PPS 512 and PPS 564. Differential diagnosis of Autism, emotional disturbance and behavioral disorders. Administration and interpretation of assessments appropriate for these disabilities. Specialized interventions such as discrete trial, social stories, TEACCH, and floor time are an emphasis. Classroom observations for specialized classroom management approaches and motivational systems.

PPS 575. Fieldwork in School Counseling. (6 Units)

Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Field experience directly related to functions and responsibilities of certificated school counselors. Experience in two different settings, including a cross-cultural experience, is required. CR/NC grading. Repeatable course.

PPS 576. ADV Research Meth School Psych. (3 Units)

Prerequisite: GED 500. Review and critique of educational research and the major approaches to educational research for the School Psychologist. Proposals for action research projects and program evaluations are created which may be later implemented during thesis projects and or credential internship or fieldwork.

PPS 577. Internship in School Counslg I. (3 Units)

Prerequisites: consent of instructor. For students with arrangements with the public schools for emergency credential. A beginning experience in the field as a certified school counselor in multicultural settings at the elementary or secondary level.

PPS 578. Internshp in School Counslg II. (3 Units)

Prerequisite: PPS 577. An advanced experience in the field as a certified school counselor. Arrangements completed with public schools for emergency credentials.

PPS 585. Fieldwork School Psych. (3 Units)

Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Supervised training in elementary and secondary school settings. Students must complete a minimum of 90 days of fieldwork and meet competency requirements in psycho-educational assessment, planning and evaluation, counseling, consultation, and behavior management. Course is repeatable for credit until all competencies are completed. CR/NC grading. Repeatable course.