Academic Catalog 2024-2025

Africana Studies, Minor

Requirements (12 units)

A. General Requirement (3 units)
AFS 200Intro to Africana Studies3
B. Elective Requirements (6 units)
AFS 100The African American Experience3
AFS 201African World Civilizations3
AFS 205Introduction to Hip Hop3
AFS 212Intro To Comp Eth & Global Soc3
AFS 220African World Peoples & Soc.3
AFS 241His Afr World People:1450-18883
AFS 242His of Afn People:1888-present3
AFS 307Research Methods, Theories, and Approaches in African Studies3
AFS 310The African American Experience in the US3
AFS 311Afro Latinidad & the Caribbean3
AFS 312Cultural Pluralism: Ethnic & Global Society3
AFS 331Key Movements: African Literature and Culture3
AFS 332Key Movements: Harlem Renaissance3
AFS 333Black Movements of the Sixties3
AFS 334African Culture and Art3
AFS 340
AFS 423Africana Leaders Seminar3
AFS 424Africana Political Thought3
AFS 494Independent Study1-3
AFS 495Special Topics in Africana St3
AFS 496Internship3
Capstone Requirement (3 units)
AFS 490Seminar in Africana Studies3
Total Hours64-66

Recommended course: AFS 212 Intro To Comp Eth & Global Soc.