Academic Catalog

Chicano/Chicana Studies (CHS)

CHS 100. Chicana/o Cultural Roots. (3 Units)

An introduction to Chicana/o cultural traditions influenced by diverse Mexican Indian, African, and European experiences and histories prior to, during and after the conquest of Americas. Special focus is on Mexico and the Southwest of the United States.

CHS 125. Chicano/Latino Musical Culture. (3 Units)

The course examines musical expressions of Chicano and Latino peoples in the present geographical boundaries of the United States. The course emphasizes the intercultural dynamics in the formation of Chicano and Latino music which incorporates African, American, Native American, and European roots.

CHS 195. Special Topics in Chicana/o Studies. (3 Units)

A study of an issue, concept or theme in Chicana/Chicano Studies. Three hours of lecture per week. Repeatable for a maximum of twelve units for credit.

CHS 200. Introduction to Chicana/o and Latina/o History. (3 Units)

Explores the history and experiences of Chicanos/as and Latinos/as in the United States in the 19th and 20th Centuries and will explore the following themes: immigration, migration, labor, education, gender roles, and community organizations.

CHS 205. Introduction to Chicana/o Literature. (3 Units)

An introduction to selected works of modern Chicano literature including an analysis of influences, themes, and techniques. Special attention given to certain issues of the Chicano/a experiences reflected in the literature. Frequent written assignments.

CHS 210. Representation of Indigenous. (3 Units)

An introduction to the different forms on indigenous representation with special emphasis on Mesoamerica. Discussions of how these accounts are expressed, perceived, and constructed at the point of European contact will be examined.

CHS 212. Introduction to Comparative Ethnic Studies. (3 Units)

The course will explore the lived experiences and gendered complexities of Ethnic/Global communities as they relate to historical and contemporary international and global forces. The course will examine the economic and socio-cultural dynamics of the global interdependencies of Indigenous, Latino, Asian-Pacific and Africana communities and women's lived experiences within and across these communities.

CHS 216. Mexica Language and Culture. (3 Units)

Supervised work experience in a Chicano/Latino community with emphasis upon social and economic development in a local, national, or international setting. Students will be placed in settings suitable to their academic expertise.

CHS 225. Mexican & Chicano Poetry & Mus. (3 Units)

An introduction to Mexican/Chicano poetry and music from the Spanish Conquest to the present. Students will learn to recognize boleros, sones, huapangos, mariachi, norteno, corridos, Tex-Mex, and oldies. The class is not designed for music majors.

CHS 295. Spc Topics Chicana/o Stud. (3 Units)

A study of an issue, concept, or theme in Chicana/Chicano studies. Repeatable for a maximum of six units for credit.

CHS 300. Critical Issues in Chicana/Chicano Studies. (3 Units)

Prerequisites: ENG 110 or equivalent are required. CHS 100 or CHS 205 and CHS 200 or 212 are recommended. An exploration of the field of Chicana and Chicano Studies. Course will emphasize the changing constructions and interpretations of what comprises Chicana/o identities and cultures through an analysis of cultural, historical, political, psychological, and social issues.

CHS 315. Changing Dynamics in Raza Comm. (3 Units)

Prerequisite: CHS 200 is recommended. Assesses the challenges confronting the Chicano community resulting from increased and diverse patterns of immigration, restricted occupational opportunities, and socio-political differences. Focus will be on urban issues from communities throughout the United States , including the Mexican/United States Border.

CHS 323. Latina/o Perspectives on U.S. Immigration and Citizenship. (3 Units)

Seeks to understand some of the issues which concern Mexican/Latino immigrant people, specifically Mexican and Central American groups, in efforts to bring awareness to this human crisis and to explore some of its effects on U.S. Latino community.

CHS 325. Chicana/o Movement. (3 Units)

A historical and comparative examination of the Chicana/o movement by examining the early pattern of Mexican immigration and the formation of mutual aids associations designed to defend their interests. The focus is on the period from 1960-1990.

CHS 330. Latina/o Identities in U.S.. (3 Units)

Explores the social, cultural, and political experiences of Chincao/a and Latino/a communities in the Unite States, including Puerto Rian, Caribbean, and Central and South American peoples. The historical experiences of these diverse communities will be examined.

CHS 335. Urban Youth Gangs in Los Angeles. (3 Units)

Provides an interdisciplinary perspective to the origins and evolution of youth groups (African Americans, Anglos, Asians, Chicana/os, and Pacific Islanders) in California. Class topics include definition of gangs; history of gangs; membership practices; and law enforcement responses.

CHS 340. Native American and Chicana Women's Narrative. (3 Units)

Course explores contemporary cultural and historical narratives by and about Native American Chicana women in the U.S. Through poetry, short stories, and narratives the class will analyze the histories of colonial exploitation, historical memories, gender oppression, and marginalization.

CHS 344. Chicana/o History I. (3 Units)

Mexican American life to 1900, stressing the evolution of economic and political thought, social institutions, and cultural experiences.

CHS 345. Latina/o Identities in the Americas. (3 Units)

Explores the concept of Latina/o identity in the Americas from a literary perspective in different time periods and particular cultural societies. The study of certain intellectuals and their literary contributions will assist with comprehension of identity and socio-political reality.

CHS 346. Chicana/o History II. (3 Units)

The Mexican American's contributions to the building of the Southwest; the clash between Mexicans and North Americans; the emergence of the urban Mexican American.

CHS 372. Chicana/o Spiritualities ad Healing Practices. (3 Units)

Examination of the diverse spiritual practices and decolonial methods of healing found in Mexican and Chicana/o/x traditions.

CHS 375. Chicana/o Latina/o Body Politics. (3 Units)

Recommended Prerequisites: CHS 100, CHS 200, CHS 205, and CHS 212. An exploration of the interconnections between the physical body and politics, both current and historical, for Chicana/os and Latina/os. Students will examine issues such as public health, reproductive justice, ability, gender, and sexuality in Chicana/o Latina/o communities.

CHS 395. Special Topics in Chicana/o Studies. (1-3 Units)

Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Study of special topic of interest for students in the selected area of study. Topic and content will vary as announced.

CHS 396. Practicum in Chicana/o Studies. (3 Units)

Prerequisite: Consent of Department Chair. This course is an introduction to theorists and methods under girding Chicana and Chicano Studies as these have been deployed in the writings by Chicana and Chicano authors during the past thirty years. The class will present theories and methods that inform intellectual issues in Chicana/o studies.

CHS 400. Chicana/o Issues in Education. (3 Units)

An overview of the educational system in society - how it functions, whom it serves, and the cultural and theoretical explanations for the success and failure of Chicana/o students. Discussions include family values, teen pregnancy, language, gangs, etc.

CHS 401. Theories and Methods in Chicana/o Studies. (3 Units)

Prerequisites: ENG 110 or equivalent; CHS 100 or CHS 205 and CHS 200 or CHS 212 or equivalent are required. Must be a Senior. Focuses on examining the various theories and methods utilized by Chicana/o scholars during the evolution of the discipline of Chicana/o Studies, exploring how these theories and methods have informed and continue to inform writing and research in Chicana/o Studies.

CHS 410. Chicana/o Popular Culture. (3 Units)

An overview of the central areas of Chicana/o popular culture, focusing on film, mass media, art, theatre, and music. The course examines how concepts of culture, identity, and ethnicity are popularly expressed in a constant state of flux.

CHS 436. Chicana/o Latina/o Politics. (3 Units)

Recommended Prerequisites: CHS 200 and CHS 323 Course examines the role of Chicana/o and Latina/o communities in shaping state and national politics in the United States, including contemporary modes of political organizations, political history, organizational strategies, electoral impact, public policy issues surrounding citizenship, and empowerment strategies.

CHS 450. Precolumbian Lit of Mexico. (3 Units)

Prerequisite: CHS 300 recommended. The study of the literature of ancient Mexico , specifically the PopolVuh of the Maya and Aztec poetry, in order to obtain an insight into the Precolombian world view. Periodic essay exams.

CHS 460. Las Chicanas. (3 Units)

Prerequisite: ENG 110 or equivalent is required. The study of the issues that Chicanas encounter in contemporary U.S. society. Includes a survey of remote and recent cultural, social, and political issues that have influenced the values, expectations, and roles of Chicanas.

CHS 471. Mexican Thought, Social Activism and Political Ideology. (3 Units)

Prerequisite: CHS 100 is recommended. Examines the evolution of Mexico's modernistic state via its reformation and dictatorship of President Porfirio Diaz. It will investigate how revolutionary leaders banded together to dismantle the Porfirio regime, and how later Mexico's Government attempted to institutionalize the ideals of justice, freedom, and democracy.

CHS 480. Chicana/o Folklore. (3 Units)

Prerequisite: CHS 300 recommended. An introduction to some of the basic theories and techniques in folklore studies, especially Mexican American. Folk art, music, oral literature, customs, philosophy, and belief systems will be examined for understanding groups of people.

CHS 486. Chicana/o Family and Gender Issues. (3 Units)

Prerequisite: ENG 110 or equivalent is required. CHS lower division requirements or courses on previous women and gender are recommended. The course examines family and gender issues as they relate to the Chicana/o community in the United States. Topics will include Chicana/o family roles and structure, cultural values, experiences that influence and challenge families, gender roles and expectations.

CHS 490. Senior Seminar in Chicana/o Studies. (3 Units)

Prerequisites: ENG 110 and CHS 401 are required. CHS 100 or CHS 205; CHS 200 or CHS 212; and CHS 300 are recommended. Seminar where students examine a particular topic or theme in the field of Chicana/o Studies. As the capstone course for the major, students undertake a major research paper.

CHS 494. Independent Study. (1-3 Units)

Prerequisite: Consent of Program Director. Independent study of a particular topic in Chicana/Chicano Studies relating two or more disciplines, such as anthropology, art, education, history, language, music, politics, psychology, or sociology under the direction of an instructor in Chicana/Chicano Studies. Repeatable course.

CHS 495. Spec Topic Chicano/Chicana St. (1-3 Units)

Prerequisite: Consent of Program Director. An intensive study of an issue, concept or theme in Chicana/Chicano Studies. Three hours of lecture per week. Repeatable for a maximum of six units for credit.

CHS 496. Internship Chicana/o Studies. (3 Units)

Under direction of the internship faculty, students will work in a Chicano/Latino community, applying skills and knowledge learned in the classroom as well as the workplace. Repeatable course.

CHS 497. Directed Reading. (1-3 Units)

Prerequisite: CHS 100 is recommended. Extensive reading in selected areas under the guidance of a faculty member.

CHS 498. Directed Research in CHS. (1-3 Units)

The student develops and completes an individual study under faculty supervision. Repeatable course.

CHS 590. Grad Sem Theory & Methods. (3 Units)

Instruction in the basic principles of still photography. Two hours of lecture and three hours of laboratory per week.

CHS 594. Independent Study. (1-4 Units)

Prerequisites: Consent of Department Chair. Independent investigation of a research problem or directed readings in a selected area of Chicano Studies.

CHS 595. Special Topics:. (3 Units)

An intensive study of a concept, movement, school of thought, or individual within the discipline of Chicano Studies. Intended for students with senior or graduate standing. Specific topic listed in Class Schedule. Repeatable course. Three hours of seminar per week.

CHS 596. Pract. in Teach Chicana/o Stud. (1-4 Units)

Supervised experience in teaching Chicana/o Studies. Techniques and skills appropriate to instruction at the college level. Instructional and evaluative experiences under supervision of Chicana/o Studies faculty.

CHS 597. Directed Reading. (1-4 Units)

Extensive reading in selected areas under the guidance of a faculty mentor.

CHS 598. Graduate Directed Research. (1-3 Units)

Independent research under direction of supervising faculty member in Chicana/o Studies.

CHS 599. Final Project. (3 Units)

In consultation with a faculty member, writing of a master's thesis or completion of project. Choice of area requires prior consent of advisor.