Academic Catalog

Law (LAW)

LAW 240. Legal Environment of Business. (3 Units)

Analysis of the legal process; functions and operations within a federal system; contracts; sales; tort liability as it impacts business; government regulation of business.

LAW 340. Law Of Bus Organizations. (3 Units)

Legal consequences of selection of one form of business organization over another; analysis of the law of corporations, partnerships, and agencies; law of the workplace; corporate ethics and social responsibilities.

LAW 342. Employment Law. (3 Units)

Prerequisites: LAW 240 is recommended. Overview of the laws impacting the workplace; anti-discrimination law; employee safety, health and privacy; the employer-employee contract; labor law; regulatory agencies; retirement compensation; other statutory rights.

LAW 440. Legal Issues in E-Commerce. (3 Units)

Prerequisites: LAW 240. This course covers the legal aspects of doing business on-line. Topics covered will include: on-line contracts, e-crimes, privacy, intellectual property, e-commerce taxation and e-payment systems.

LAW 495. Special Topics in Law. (1-4 Units)

Study of current topics in Law. Repeatable course.

LAW 595. Selected Topics in Law. (3 Units)

Prerequisites: Graduate Standing. Intensive study of a specialized area of Law on a selected topic of particular interest to faculty and students. Three hours of seminar per week. Specific topic listed in class schedule. Repeatable course.