Academic Catalog 2024-2025

Behavioral Science, Minor


Upper Division Required Course
BEH 300Res Methods Behavioral Science3
Elective Courses
Select four courses from the following: 112
Culture & Personality: Psychological Anthropology
Language And Culture
Magic & Religion
Comparative Cultures: Culture, Environment and Globalization
Ethnography and Film
Anthro Theories Of Behav
American Political Parties and Elections
Women and Politics in the United States
Theories of International Relations
Public Opinion and Propaganda
Conflict, Violence, Nonviolence and Peace
History and Systems of Psychology
Social Psychology: Psychological Perspective
Child Psychology
The Experience of Death and Dying: Psychological Perspectives
Theories Of Personality
Abnormal Psychology
Global Organizations and Social Processes
The Family
Social Psychology: Sociological Perspective
Modern Sociological Theories
Deviant Behavior
Total Hours15

One course in each of the core disciplines of the behavioral sciences: anthropology, political science, psychology and sociology. However, students with a major in anthropology, political science, psychology or sociology are to select the fourth course from one of the disciplines other than their major.