Academic Catalog

Liberal Studies (LBS)

LBS 203. Introduction to Teaching: Becoming a Transformative Educator. (3 Units)

Students will consider the historical and philosophical foundations of education and state standards that guide effective teaching strategies in this introduction to teaching course. Students will develop the knowledge and dispositions to empower the as reflective, creative and transformative professionals.

LBS 205. Child and Adolescent Development. (3 Units)

Overview of physical, cognitive, social and emotional development from conception through adolescence. Students will explore and reflect on conceptual and theoretical theories and methods as well as best practices for working with children and families in diverse/pluralistic communities.

LBS 212. Service Learning in Urban Elementary Schools. (3 Units)

Introductory course utilizes a service-learning approach to explore culturally and linguistically responsive teaching and learning environments in urban elementary schools. Students will observe, participate and reflect throughout the course with linkages to learning outcomes. Requires 30 hours of service.

LBS 300. Early Field Experience. (3 Units)

Prerequisite: California Commission on Teacher Credentialing Certificate of Clearance, current negative TB documentation and scores for all three sections of the CBEST. Provides Liberal Studies majors with planned, structured field experiences in classrooms at the elementary school level (K-6). A minimum of 30 hours of structured, documented observation/participation in public elementary schools (K-6) is required. CR/NC grading.

LBS 301. Schooling in a Multicultural Society. (3 Units)

Prerequisite: LBS 203 is required. Students will explore the themes of social justice education including the complex relationship between education and the multicultural society of the U.S. They will analyze social identities and how discrimination based on these factors translates into school structures, policies and practices.

LBS 302. Responsive Teaching and Classroom Management. (3 Units)

Prerequisites: LBS 301 and CCTC Certificate of Clearance, Negative TB Documentation and scores from all 3 sections of CBEST are required. Restricted to majors. Corequisite: LBS 303 is recommended. Students observe and think critically about culturally and linguistically responsive teaching and learning environments to develop knowledge of teaching and classroom management strategies and create inclusive, productive and well-structured learning environments. Requires 30 hours of observation in a public school.

LBS 303. Teaching and Learning in Diverse Classrooms. (3 Units)

Prerequisite: LBS 301 Co-requisite: LBS 302 is recommended. Restricted to majors. Examine theory, research and practice on teaching and learning in diverse classrooms. Using knowledge of educational research, child and adolescent development, and data on students and their communities, students analyze, design, and differentiate instruction to engage and support all learners.

LBS 310. Early Language and Literacy. (3 Units)

Concepts and theories of language development and literacy from birth through age five. Topics include language development, play, emergent literacy, and age appropriate literature. Emphasis on urban, diverse and inclusive preschool settings; second language learners and exceptional learners.

LBS 330. Bridging Cultures Through Literacy and Learning. (3 Units)

Cultural dimensions of literacy and language acquisition in early years. Strategies for supporting heritage language, teaching comprehensive family literacy, English language development, and valuing culture in home and school. 10 hours of fieldwork in an urban setting with English learners.

LBS 340. Early Mathematical Concepts. (3 Units)

Practidce, principles and strategies in mathematics ages 0-5. Number sense, classification, measurement and geometry, patterning, mathematical reasoning; tools and manipulatives for teaching mathematics and pre-numeracy; planning, teaching, and evaluating a lesson. 10 hours of fieldwork in an urban preschool setting.

LBS 355. Writing in Education. (3 Units)

Advanced grammar and composition for students preparing to be elementary school teachers. Focuses on professional writing modes and tasks for educators, including analytical educational writing, literature reviews, case studies, classroom observations, and school communications.

LBS 360. Blended Math Methods. (5 Units)

Prerequisite: Admittance to the Integrated Option Program. Designed to develop students' mathematical content knowledge and pedagogical skills necessary for the effective teaching of elementary mathematics in the urban classroom.

LBS 370. Multicultural Studies. (5 Units)

Prerequisite: LBS 203. Integrated Option Only. Students will critically analyze the experiences of diverse students in the U. S. schools by examining the structural and pedagogical implications on students' inter-sectional identities. They will draw on theories about child/adolescent development, learning, and differentiation to design instruction to effectively teach diverse students using the principles of social justice education.

LBS 375. The California Experience. (3 Units)

Examination of the California experience through three interrelated social science disciplines: history, geography, and government. Specifically focuses upon academic content which prepares students to teach the broad range of K-8 California Content Standards.

LBS 380. Blended Science Methods. (4 Units)

Prerequisite: Admittance to the Integrated Option Program. Students develop content knowledge and pedagogical methods .in the natural sciences and technologies with an emphasis on astronomy, geology, meteorology, and oceanography. Inquiry-based teaching, disciplinary skills (including the scientific method), and interdisciplinary knowledge (crosscutting concepts) will be explored and students will reflect on the impact of science and technology on society.

LBS 400. Senior Seminar in Liberal Studies. (3 Units)

Prerequisite: LBS 302; must have senior standing. Students will investigate key ideas from the California Curriculum Frameworks and Academic Content Standards. They will demonstrate competence in each of the major multiple subject matter content areas by creating a website portfolio, substantiating their learning each area. Students will also demonstrate an understanding of lesson planning and complete 10 hours of observation and participation in urban school setting.

LBS 402. Liberal Studies Integrated Capstone. (2 Units)

Prerequisite: Admittance to Phase 3 of the Credential. Co-requisite: TED 437 is required. This capstone is designed to link theory and practice; students reflect on their learning, connecting subject matter knowledge and teaching. Students substantiate their learning with a philosophy of education paper, website portfolio, and an instructional planning and teaching cycle in an elementary classroom.

LBS 405. Engineering and the Arts in the Elementary. (3 Units)

Co-requisite: LBS 400 is recommended. Restricted to majors. Must be a senior. Students will build the theoretical background and practical skills needed to design interdisciplinary, problem-based learning lessons with a focus on engineering and the arts. This will include inquiry teaching, STEAM and the K-8 Standards for Visual and Performing Arts.

LBS 494. Independent Studies in Liberal Studies. (1-3 Units)

Prerequisite: Consent of instructor and Liberal Studies Department Chair. Independent study in a topic related to the Liberal Studies Program.

LBS 495. Special Topics in Liberal Studies. (1-4 Units)

Prerequisite: Consent of instructor and Liberal Studies Department Chair. A course in a topic related to the Liberal Studies Program of special interest to faculty and students for which no current course exists.

LBS 496. Special Fieldwork in Liberal Studies. (1-3 Units)

Prerequisite: Consent of instructor and Liberal Studies department Chair. Fieldwork experience related to the Liberal Studies Program in settings other than public schools. CR/NC grading.