Academic Catalog 2024-2025

CBAPP Student Success Center

CBAPP Student Success Center: Academic Advisement

The College of Business Administration and Public Policy Student Success Center provides academic advising for undergraduate majors and minors in Business Administration, Criminal Justice Administration, and Public Administration.  

The CBAPP Student Success Center provides information and academic support which includes advising on  

  • Concentrations 
  • Graduation requirements 
  • Transfer credit 
  • Special circumstances & conditions  

Students are urged to come to the Student Success Center every semester before enrolling for academic advisement.  

CBAPP Student Success Center Hours 

  Monday -Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 

 Innovation and Instruction (II Building) Suite 1100  

Students can make an appointment with an advisor at to discuss: 

  • Change of Major/minor (to declare or revise
  • Review transfer credits (to determine if courses can be used to meet major requirements
  • Graduation check (to review remaining courses and on track for graduation
  • Academic planning (to utilize the Smart Planner and plan a schedule for a 4- or 2- graduation plan) 


What if I am not sure about my concentration or need support with exploring career options in my area of interest? 

The Student Success Center (SSC) works with Faculty Advisors and Department Chairs regarding career and work force requirements for different concentrations. Student may reach out to the Student Success Center to get connected with a Faculty Advisor and Department Chair.  Students may obtain advice from faculty about tailoring their academic program toward career goals, about graduate schools and programs, and about career opportunities.