Academic Catalog 2024-2025

CHHSN Student Success Center

Student Success Center (SSC), College of Health, Human Services, and Nursing(CHHSN)

Welch Hall Building (WH), Second Floor, WH 220
(310) 243-2120

Self-Service Appointments

You may schedule an appointment with an Advisor through Toro Success Collaborative (TSC) via A tutorial on How to use the TSC can be found on our Tutorials and Workshops page: Scheduling an Advising Appointment through TSC.

Make sure to set up your appointment with your designated program advisor.  If you need assistance, you can email us at  

CHHSN SSC Advising Mission

The foundation of advising for the College of Health, Human Services, and Nursing (CHHSN), Student Success Center (SSC) is based upon conceptual, relational, and informational principles, which are the core competencies of NACADA The Global Community for Academic Advising. In this belief, the advisors of CHHSN SSC are fully dedicated to socio-personal, academic, and career support for our students. The advisors provide this support by being responsive to student needs, issues, and concerns to innovate our advising practices towards equity, accessibility, and inclusion. As a center, we build a community that prepares students for the knowledge and skills they need as student leaders and emerging health and human services professionals. The advisors cultivate this community and college identity by creating a collaborative space in partnership with the college’s students, staff, and faculty. (Kerr, M., Langford, L., Prado, C., Valdez, A., Viray, J., 2022)

CHHSN Student Success Team

Lisa Langford, Director | WH 210A | (310) 243-2374

Adrienna Alexander, Administrative Coordinator II | WH 210K | (310) 243-2608

Angelica Flores Avila, Lead Peer Representative | WH 210H | (310) 243-3638

Academic Advisors

Mark Kerr | WH 220C | (310) 243-3423 

Debbie Yoklavich | WH 210F | (310) 243-2050

April Thomas | WH 210B | (310) 243-3465 

Cristina Prado | WH 210E | (310) 243-3516

Angel Valdez | WH 210J | (310) 243-2545

Vanessa Monroy | WH 210G | (310) 243-3834

Program Advisors

Janelle Viray, Graduation Specialist | WH 220B | (310) 243-3664

Paul Matt Lasmarias, Retention Specialist | WH 220E | (310) 243-3174