Academic Catalog 2024-2025

General Education

All students graduating from CSU Dominguez Hills are required to complete 49 semester units in General Education, distributed as follows:

  1. 9 semester units of English Language, Communication and Critical Thinking
  2. 10 semester units of Natural Sciences and Quantitative Reasoning;
  3. 12 semester units of Arts and Humanities;
  4. 9 semester units of Social Science;
  5. 3 semester units of Objectives for Lifelong Learning and Self-Development; and
  6. 3 semester units of Ethnic Studies.

At least 9 semester units must be earned at CSU Dominguez Hills (see separate General Education section.)

Certification of General Education Lower Division Credit

Accredited postsecondary colleges and universities offering the B.A. or B.S., or the first two years of such degree programs, may certify completion of the lower division General Education requirements according to procedures specified in CSU Executive Order 1100. An additional nine semester units of upper division General Education courses must be completed at CSU Dominguez Hills. (See "General Education" section of this catalog.)

Double Counting of General Education Courses

General Education courses may be double-counted in either the major or the minor.  Even though students may double-count certain General Education courses, they will not receive additional unit credit towards graduation by double-counting. For example, a double-counted course counts three units (not six) towards graduation.