Academic Catalog 2024-2025

CNBS Student Success Center

The College of Natural Behavioral Sciences Success Center mission is to educate students through academic advising and resource support. Our center is dedicated to a culture of care that will keep students thriving.  The center serves over 5,000 students and 10 majors. We are a group of advisors and support staff that believe through advising holistically with a care approach our students will be successful.

We collaborate with other campus partners to give our students an experience that will ensure belonging, self-advocacy, and value. We are equitable with our students with the whole person in mind, we think of campus and student assets as foundational for success. Academic advising is a key element in student success as it guides, support and completes the student experience. Graduation for every student is the key goal for our center while allowing the students experiences support a pathway that is unique to each student.

Advisors are trained to look beyond the obvious to advise students uniquely and holistically, creating a solid pathway to graduation for each student. We are thrilled our students chose us to be the guiding light to fulfill their educational goals and look forward to serving them.

CNBS Success Center

SBS 306- A, Third floor 

T: (310) 243-3535


Director, Victoria Fowler  

Academic Advisors

Stephanie Chito

Paul Matt Lasmarias

Sheyla Peindar

Deborah Valiente

Programming Advisors

Alma Melena – Graduation Specialist

Lizbeth Maldonado -Retention Specialist