Academic Catalog 2023-2024

Education: Physical Education Administration, Master of Arts

Physical Education Administration Option (30 units)

The Physical Education Administration option is structured as a differential tuition program, with graduates completing a total of 30 units. Students will complete 18 units (graduate education curriculum) under state support and 12 units (physical education curriculum) through Special Sessions.

Required Courses

The following courses constitute the program of study for the Master of Arts in Education: Physical Education Administration option. Students enrolling in graduate level physical education courses must have a degree in Physical Education, Kinesiology, Exercise Science, or Human Performance or have completed the prerequisite courses (outlined in section II below). All students receiving this degree must successfully complete these courses.

Core Courses 1
GED 500Research Methods in Education3
GED 501Seminar in Learning and Development3
GED 503Socio-Cultural Issues in Education3
Graduate Education Required Courses 1
Complete graduate education required courses9
Physical Education Required Courses 2
KIN 500Seminar in Contemporary Issues/Topics and Trends in Physical Education3
KIN 514Seminar in Curriculum Development in Physical Education3
KIN 516Public Relations and Development3
KIN 593SFieldwork in Physical Ed Admin3
Total Hours30

Classes taken under state support.


Classes taken through Special Sessions.

Program Prerequisite Courses

Students who have not completed a degree in Physical Education, Kinesiology, Exercise Science, or Human Performance must complete all of the following courses before enrolling in 500 level physical education courses.

Prerequisite Courses
BIO 250Elem Hum Anat & Physiol3
BIO 251Elem Hum Anatomy Phys Lab1
KIN 300Tests and Measurements in Physical Education3
KIN 301Kinesiology3
KIN 303Exercise Physiology4
KIN 448Tchg Effect Sec PE3
Lower Division Courses
KIN 111Aerobics1
KIN 112Aerobics: Step1
KIN 113Social and Folk Dance Activity1
KIN 114Badminton1
KIN 116Baseball1
KIN 118Basketball1
KIN 125Bicycling/All Levels/Velo1
KIN 130Golf1
KIN 132Gymnastics1
KIN 141Martial Arts1
KIN 142Physical Conditioning1
KIN 145Relaxation Techniques1
KIN 150Soccer/Outdoor1
KIN 152Softball1
KIN 156Swimming/All Levels1
KIN 158Swimming/Conditioning1
KIN 162Tennis1
KIN 164Volleyball1
KIN 170Weight Training1
KIN 171Yoga1
KIN 180Intramurals1
Total Hours38

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