Academic Catalog 2024-2025

Spanish Culture, Minor

Required courses and electives (12 units)1

Lower Division Required Course (3 units)
SPA 151Introduction to Spanish-Speaking Cultures3
Upper Division Required Courses (6 units)
SPA 350Contemporary Culture of Spain3
SPA 351Contemporary Culture of Spanish-Speaking America3
Electives – Choose 1 of the following courses (3 units)
SPA 310Romantic Love in the Western Tradition3
SPA 312Literature, Art and Culture of Spanish-Speaking Countries3
SPA 318Movements of Latin America3
SPA 353Cinema of the Spanish-Speaking World3
SPA 435A Sociolinguistic Approach to Chicano/Latino Dialect3
Total Hours24

Students without sufficient proficiency in Spanish will need to take beginning and/or intermediate Spanish courses prior to taking the courses for the minor, chosen with the guidance of an advisor.

Students choosing this minor may also complete the BA in Spanish in the Literature and Linguistics Option or the Spanish for the Professions Option.  If they choose to do so, they may count SPA350 and SPA351 towards both this minor and the BA.