Academic Catalog 2023-2024

Spanish Culture, Minor


Lower Division Courses
Prerequisite Courses:0-12
Beginning Spanish I 1
Beginning Spanish II 1
Intermediate Spanish I 1
Intermediate Spanish II 1
Required Course:
SPA 280Grammar for Spanish Composition 2, 33
Upper Division Required Courses
SPA 305Advanced Composition, Syntax and Stylistics I3
SPA 350Contemporary Hispanic Culture: Spain3
SPA 351Contemporary Hispanic Culture: Spanish-Speaking America3
SPA 353Cinema of the Spanish-Speaking World3
Total Hours15-27

Prerequisite Course, taken as needed - those who have completed two, three or four years of high-school Spanish or any community college Spanish will be placed in the appropriate semester of college Spanish in consultation with a departmental advisor. Students may get credit for some of these courses through the Advanced Placement Examination in either Language or Literature, by challenging them (but never in descending order), and/or by transferring equivalent courses from other institutions.


The Modern Languages Department strongly recommends those students who need additional fluency in Spanish to travel to a Spanish-speaking country (under the guidance of an advisor) or to take SPA 230 Spanish Conversation before they take this course.


All Spanish Literature minors must take this course at CSUDH.