Academic Catalog 2024-2025

Music Education, Minor


Lower Division Required Courses
MUS 101Introducing Music3
MUS 105Introduction to Musicianship1
MUS 106Musicianship Skills1
MUS 110Music Fundamentals3
MUS 111Intro. To Music Theory3
MUS 112Music Theory I3
MUS 113Music Theory II3
Upper Division Required Courses
MUS 333Foundations in Music Education3
MUS 421Instrumental Methods: MUS ED3
Select four 400-level instrument/techniques courses (4 units)
MUS 441Marching Band Techniques1
MUS 445String Instruments1
MUS 446Woodwind Instruments1
MUS 447Brass Instruments1
MUS 448Percussion Instruments1
MUS 449Vocal & Choral Techniques1
Total Hours29