Academic Catalog 2024-2025

Single Subject Preliminary: University Intern Option, Credential

University Intern Option (36-39 units)

Candidates enrolled in the University Intern Option are contracted teachers, without a preliminary credential, currently teaching K-12 students. They are supervised for fieldwork in their own classroom by trained university supervisors and site-based coaches who provide support and guidance. There are three phases in the University Intern Option. Courses in each phase must be completed before enrollment in the next phase.


TED 400Introduction to Education3
TED 414Cultural Ecology in the Classroom3
TED 467Secondary Teaching Methods I3
TED 505Educational Psychology 13
TED 506Multicultural and Social Foundations of Education 13
TED 507Language Learning: Theory and Practice3


1Can be taken in Phase I or Phase II.

Requirements for Advancement to Phase Two

  • Submit Phase II University Intern Option Fieldwork Application by April 1 for fall and November 1 for spring.
  • Include: Program Plan sheet signed by an advisor, verification of completed CSET or Subject Matter Competence Letter, provide 2 emails for letters of recommendations, and valid CPR card (infant, child, and adult) valid for at least two more semesters. Phase II application is semester specific; if you do not attend, you will need to reapply


TED 406Teaching Secondary Reading3
TED 465Fieldwork: Secondary Interns6
TED 466Introduction to Internship: Single Subject University Intern1
TED 468Secondary Teaching Methods II 13
SPE 482Educating Students with Special Needs within Inclusive Settings3


1Physical Education candidates enroll in KIN 448 Tchg Effect Sec PE instead of TED 468 Secondary Teaching Methods II.

Requirements for Advancement to Phase Three

Submit Phase III University Intern Option (Fieldwork II) Application by April 1 for Fall and November 1 for Spring. Application is semester specific; if you do not attend, you will need to reapply.


TED 465Fieldwork: Secondary Interns6
TED 488Teaching Event: Single Subject2