Academic Catalog 2023-2024

Spanish Linguistics, Minor


Prerequisite Courses
Spanish Language Acquisition:0-12
Beginning Spanish I 1
Beginning Spanish II 1
Intermediate Spanish I 1
Intermediate Spanish II 1
Spanish Grammar and Composition:0-6
Grammar for Spanish Composition 2, 3
Advanced Composition, Syntax and Stylistics I
Upper Division Required Courses
SPA 311Structure Of Spanish 43
SPA 414Spanish Phonology3
SPA 430Spanish Morphology3
SPA 440Spanish Syntax3
Total Hours12-30

Prerequisite Course, taken as needed - those who have completed two, three or four years of high-school Spanish or any community college Spanish will be placed in the appropriate semester of college Spanish in consultation with a departmental advisor. Students may get credit for some of these courses through the Advanced Placement Examination in either Language or Literature, by challenging them (but never in descending order), and/or by transferring equivalent courses from other institutions.


The Modern Languages Department strongly recommends those students who need additional fluency in Spanish to travel to a Spanish-speaking country (under the guidance of an advisor) or to take SPA 230 Spanish Conversation before they take this course.


All Spanish Linguistics minors must take this course at CSUDH.


Students who take this course but apply it towards their major must take the following course for the minor: SPA 450 History of the Spanish Language.