Academic Catalog 2024-2025

Teacher Induction Program (Clear Credential)

The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC) established a two-tier teaching credential structure. A five-year preliminary credential is the first document issued after an individual has met basic credential requirements. The CSUDH College of Education Teacher Induction Program is designed for Multiple Subject, Single Subject, and/or Education Specialist teachers with CA Preliminary Credentials who seek a Commission-approved Induction program that will support and advance their professional knowledge, skills and abilities, beyond what was necessary for the preliminary credential, through the lens of the California Standards for the Teaching Profession. The Teacher Induction Program in the College of Education leads to a Clear Credential. 

The CSUDH Teacher Induction program utilizes a unique hybrid mentoring approach: candidates receive mentoring support from their professor-mentor and their site-mentor. Both mentors meet individually and regularly with their candidates on “just in time issues” of teaching practice, as well as the development, implementation, and reflection on the candidate’s Individual learning Plan (ILP).

Two Year Program

Candidates may enter the Induction program in Fall or Spring semester. For the first, second and third semesters, candidates enroll in EDU 470 (Individual Learning Plan Development). For the last semester in the program, candidates enroll in EDU 474 (Individual Learning Plan Completion). Note that EDU 470 is a repeatable course. Candidates must complete each class with a passing grade of B or better to maintain good standing in the program.

Early Completion Option Track

An Early Completion Option (ECO) is a one year, two semester option, available to those candidates who are Experienced and Exceptional while teaching in their credentialed area. An experienced candidate is defined as having two or more years of teaching experience, while holding an intern or preliminary credential, as the teacher of record, prior to entering the Induction program. An Exceptional candidate is verified by providing a letter of recommendation from the candidate’s current principal, as well as maintaining a B or better grade in the Induction class. Candidates may apply for ECO at the end of their first semester in the program. Candidates must maintain a grade of B or better to remain in the Early Completion Option Track.

Teacher Induction Program Admission Requirements

In addition to the general program admission requirements, the following are specific for the Teacher induction Program (leading to a Clear Credential):

  1. Valid initial credential (e.g., California Level I or Preliminary; out-of-state candidates must have equivalent credentials).
  2. Verification of full-time employment in an appropriate teaching position in a public school district, non-public school (NPS), or charter school.
  3. Agreement by the employer to provide a site-based mentor.
  4. Certificate of Clearance.
  5. Tuberculosis test and vaccination verification.