Academic Catalog 2024-2025

School Counseling, Pupil Personnel Credential


GED 500Research Methods in Education3
PPS 501Leadership in School and College Counseling3
PPS 505Human Diversity3
PPS 508Law and Ethics in Educational Counseling3
PPS 512Consultation and Collaboration in Counseling3
PPS 515Counseling Theories3
PPS 520Program Development and Evaluation in Counseling3
PPS 525Group Dynam Pers Growth3
PPS 530Sem Tech of Indiv Counsel3
PPS 535Seminar in Career and Academic Counseling3
PPS 540Sem: Tech Group Counsl3
PPS 545Couns Childrn Youth & Familes3
PPS 550Crisis Intervention in Educational Settings3
PPS 554School Counseling Practicum3
PPS 575Fieldwork in School Counseling6
Total Hours48