Academic Catalog

Reading (RDG)

RDG 501. Foundations of Reading Instruction and Research. (3 Units)

This foundation course emphasizes advanced study of literacy research, theory, and practice related to components of the literacy acquisition process (oral language; reading comprehension, fluency, word recognition, and vocabulary development; written language content form, and use).

RDG 502. Word Study and Fluency. (3 Units)

Use an inquiry-based approach to understand the challenges of language learning and word study with diverse populations. Includes a systematic analysis of word formation, syntax, semantics, grammar and spelling in the English language.

RDG 503. Comprehension and Study Skills. (3 Units)

Prerequisite: RDG 501 and RDG 502 are required. Current theory and research on the relationship between comprehension and literacy acquisition / proficiency are explored. Instructional / intervention strategies and materials to support writing and comprehension at the early, intermediate, and fluent levels are studied.

RDG 505. Reading Fieldwork / Practicum. (3 Units)

Prerequisites: RDG 501, RDG 502, RDG 503 and RDG 504 are required. Field experience with beginning readers, English learners and students with learning difficulties. Includes methods for meeting the needs of struggling readers and / or writers at both early and intrmediate levels, and the tutoring or small-group instruction of these students.

RDG 510. Advanced Study of Early Writing and Literacy. (3 Units)

An advanced analysis of classical and current literacy theory and practice is conducted. The analysis includes examining he relationship between current issues, emerging research findings in early literacy and related disciplines, and theoretical models of early literacy acquisition.

RDG 511. Advanced Study of Adolescent Writing and Literacy. (3 Units)

An advanced analysis of literacy theory and practice examining the relationship between issues in adolescent literacy, emerging research in adolescent literacy and related disciplines, the needs of diverse student populations, and the psychological and sociolinguistic aspects of writing and reading.

RDG 512. Supervision, Leadership and Evaluation. (3 Units)

Prerequisites: RDG 510 and RDG 511 are required. Examines varied roles and responsibilities of the Specialist, including intervention, curriculum development, supervision, program development and leadership. A comprehensive, staff development model will be developed and a segment of that model will be presented in a staff development format.

RDG 513. Specialized Advanced Study of Reading. (3 Units)

Prerequisites: RDG 510, RDG 511 and RDG 512 are required. Students choose a focus in biliteracy, special education, African American English, adolescents or English Learners and conduct an action research project in that area. Students implement, analyze and report of the action research project.

RDG 514. Advanced Clinical Experience. (3 Units)

Prerequisites: RDG 510, RDG 511, RDG 512, and RDG 513 are required. A comprehensive intervention based on formal and informal assessments and a research-based, balanced model of literacy instruction is designed for a student experiencing severe difficulty with literacy acquisition. The intervention includes interations with guardians, instructor and classmates.

RDG 592. Qualitative / Quantitative Research in Reading. (3 Units)

Course in both quantitative and qualitative resarch in reading and literacy. It is designed to give students the opportunity to show mastery of social science methodologies.