Academic Catalog 2024-2025

Division of Academic Affairs

The academic programs of the University are organized in the College of Arts and Humanities, the College of Business Administration and Public Policy, the College of Education, the College of Health, Human Services, and Nursing, and the College of Natural and Behavioral Sciences. Within these administrative units, you will find a broad variety of both undergraduate and graduate programs designed to stimulate your intellectual curiosity and to prepare you for both a career and lifelong commitment to learning. The College of Extended and International Education within Academic Affairs offers additional opportunities through distance learning, and on-line degree programs as well as extensive additional credit and non-credit offerings, certificate and training programs. Each of these units is described in more detail immediately following this section.

In addition, the Leo F. Cain University Library is a vital academic resource, which houses a variety of books, periodicals, and on-line databases to support students in their academic endeavors. For more information, see the “Campus Services” section of this catalog that describes the Library’s function and mission within the University.

The University recognizes that the college experience is not simply a matter of books and study. Thus, we offer a variety of academic and cultural programs, clubs and honor societies, and student activities designed to provide co-curricular support for student success. Significant opportunities for students to be involved with their professors in meaningful research efforts are widely available and continuing to expand. In conjunction with our role as an active partner with the communities in our region, we offer a variety of service learning roles enabling students to put theory into practice. The unique diversity of this campus, recognized by national magazines and organizations, ensures that all CSUDH students will have the opportunity of learning and socializing with others of diverse ages, ethnicities, and races, thus preparing them to work effectively in a modern and global world.