Academic Catalog

Spanish (SPA)

SPA 110. Beginning Spanish I. (3 Units)

Prerequisite: Grade of C or better in SPA 100. Basic instruction in Spanish. Training in speaking, listening, reading, and writing for students who have had no previous work in Spanish.

SPA 111. Beginning Spanish II. (3 Units)

Prerequisite: SPA 305 or equivalent. Translation from Spanish to English and English to Spanish with practical application for journalistic, advertising, commercial, and governmental activities. Introduction to the art of consecutive translation.

SPA 115. Intensive Beginning Spanish. (6 Units)

Prerequisite: Grade of C or better in SPA 100. An accelerated course in beginning Spanish; emphasis on speaking and listening comprehension. Development of elementary reading and writing skills. Active participation and engagement. The equivalent of SPA 110 plus SPA 111.

SPA 151. Introduction to Hispanic Culture. (3 Units)

Introduction to Hispanic Culture. A designated geographical area studies course focusing on patterns of culture in the Spanish-speaking world. Topics will vary from semester to semester; for example, Mexico and the Southwestern U.S., or Contemporary Spain. Conducted in English. This course is restricted to 1st time Freshmen going through the First Year Experience.

SPA 220. Intermediate Spanish I. (3 Units)

Prerequisite: SPA 111 or equivalent. A continuation of Spanish 111, with emphasis on oral communication skills.

SPA 221. Intermediate Spanish II. (3 Units)

Prerequisite: SPA 220 or equivalent. A continuation of Spanish 220, with emphasis on reading and writing.

SPA 230. Spanish Conversation. (3 Units)

Intermediate-level Spanish conversation with special emphasis on increasing the oral proficiency of second-language learners of Spanish. Conversational functions practiced will include describing and identifying people, places, things and events, requesting and providing information, and expressing opinions. Students will be exposed to various aspects of Spanish-speaking cultures.

SPA 280. Grammar for Spanish Composition. (3 Units)

Students advance their knowledge of Spanish grammar in the areas of orthography, accentuation, punctuation, parts of speech, verb morphology, sentence types. Students will study essay types, with an emphasis on narration.

SPA 302. Business Spanish. (3 Units)

The principal objective of this course is to prepare students to use Spanish for business. Topics for this course include: 1) informal vs. formal Spanish; 2) the communicative purpose: informative vs persuasive presentations; 3) technology and business; 4) the language of finance; 5) legal language for business; and 7) ethical considerations and their reflection on language use.

SPA 305. Advanced Composition, Syntax and Stylistics I. (3 Units)

Prerequisite: SPA 280 or equivalent. A reading, composition, and discussion course concerned with elements of style and syntax, with emphasis on expository and argumentative writing by the students.

SPA 306. Advanced Composition, Syntax and Stylistics II. (3 Units)

Prerequisite: SPA 280 or equivalent is required. A reading, composition and discussion course that focuses on expository writing and literary or linguistic analysis. Three hours of lecture per week.

SPA 310. Romantic Love in the Western Tradition. (3 Units)

Students evaluate the construct of love using historical, aesthetic, and social perspectives, how it defines psychological patterns, develops styles in literature, is the center of some philosophical approaches, and is linked to values and ethical definitions in contemporary movements.

SPA 311. Structure Of Spanish. (3 Units)

Prerequisite: SPA 280. An analysis of the sounds, formations, and routines of the language, focusing on global characteristics of Spanish that English speakers need to acquire. Selected language acquisition problems of English speakers featured.

SPA 312. Hispanic Literature, Art and Culture. (3 Units)

Historical development and the cultural artistic production created by Hispanic authors and artists through an interdisciplinary perspective. Study of artwork, historical texts, music, and literature to expand by discussing the links of cultural production that develop in Latin America.

SPA 313. Encountering the Other. (3 Units)

Analysis of major contemporary issues will be undertaken from a humanistic perspective about encountering the other in the Western tradition. Historical, literary, musical, philosophical, and art works will be introduced to develop critical thinking about how diverse groups interact.

SPA 318. Movements of Latin America. (3 Units)

This interdisciplinary and pluricultural course introduces students to the contemporary social and sociolinguistic movements of Latin America. It analyzes the indigenous movements for linguistic and cultural rights, and populist movements and other movements through their cultures, narratives, rhetoric, and discourse.

SPA 330. Interpreting Hispanic Literature. (3 Units)

Prerequisite: SPA 305. Analysis and interpretation of representative Hispanic prose, poetry, and drama.

SPA 340. Practical Spanish for Interpreters and Translators. (3 Units)

Intensive study of a single author, a literary movement, a literary genre, or a single literary work, or an issue/topic in linguistics. Repeatable with different topics for credit. Three hours of seminar per week.

SPA 341. Advanced Conversation. (3 Units)

Prerequisite: SPA 221 or equivalent. Intensive conversation leading to fluency in the use of academic Spanish. The course aims to develop a comprehensive vocabulary which prepares the student for persuasive and oratory speeches, as well as for upper division linguistics and literature courses. Useful for public service and the bilingual/cross-cultural credential program.

SPA 350. Contemporary Hispanic Culture: Spain. (3 Units)

Prerequisite: SPA 280 or equivalent, or concurrent enrollment. An area studies course focusing on patterns of culture in contemporary Spain .

SPA 351. Contemporary Hispanic Culture: Spanish-Speaking America. (3 Units)

Prerequisite: SPA 280 or equivalent, or concurrent enrollment. A designated geographical area studies course focusing on patterns of culture in the Spanish-speaking world. Specific topics may vary from semester to semester. Norms, intergroup relations, institutions, language, and societal values of rural and urban people.

SPA 353. Cinema of the Spanish-Speaking World. (3 Units)

Prerequisites: SPA 280 and SPA 305 are required. SPA 351 is recommended. This course is designed to introduce students to the cultures and societies of Spain and Latin America through the cinematic work of Spanish-speaking film productions.

SPA 398S. Directed Research in Spanish. (1-3 Units)

SPA 400. Teaching School Subject Matter in Spanish. (3 Units)

Prerequisite: Knowledge of Spanish or consent of instructor. Vocabulary and materials used in elementary or secondary schools for teaching reading, writing, mathematics, science, and social studies in Spanish. Aspects and problems of language acquisition and linguistic transitions made by English speakers acquiring Spanish proficiency. Required for credential candidates.

SPA 414. Spanish Phonology. (3 Units)

Prerequisite: SPA 311. A beginning course in the segmental and suprasegmental phonetic systems: phonological pronunciation phenomena of standard and regional Spanish.

SPA 430. Spanish Morphology. (3 Units)

In-depth intoduction to selected topics of Morphology. Topics include inflection, derivation, and compounding, as well as the relation of morphology to phonology, syntax and the lexicon.

SPA 435. A Sociolinguistic Approach to Chicano/Latino Dialect. (3 Units)

Identification of characteristic linguistic difficulties of Spanish-speaking children correlated to social-cultural background. Contrastive analyses of the linguistic competencies and performances for these children learning English. Repeatable course.

SPA 440. Spanish Syntax. (3 Units)

Study of the formation and structure of phrases, clauses, and sentences in Spanish, informed by the Generative Syntax theoretical framework.

SPA 450. History of the Spanish Language. (3 Units)

History of the development of the Spanish language from Vulgar Latin to the present.

SPA 453. Literature Of Spain. (3 Units)

Prerequisites: SPA 330. Readings and analysis of Spanish literary works in all genres. Topic varies from semester to semester. Repeatable course.

SPA 454. Cervantes: Don Quijote. (3 Units)

Prerequisite: SPA 330 or equivalent. Reading and analysis of the major work of Spanish literature.

SPA 456. Literature of Spanish America. (3 Units)

Prerequisites: SPA 330. Readings and analysis of selected works of Spanish American literature. Course content may cover a single country or a literary movement or genre as represented in various Spanish American countries. Topic varies from semester to semester. Repeatable course.

SPA 461. Lecturas Mexicanas y Chicanas. (3 Units)

Reading and analysis of Mexican and Chicano literary works in all genres. Specific genre and country will vary from semester to semester. Three hours of lecture per week.

SPA 490. Seminar in Special Topics in Literature and Linguistics. (3 Units)

Prerequisites: ENG 110 is required. This course investigates the American Musical as social history, and studies musicals as a reflection of cultural, economic, and political developments. Students learn how our musicals have portrayed our national identity.

SPA 494. Independent Study. (3 Units)

Prerequisites: B average in Spanish; consent of instructor and department chair. Independent study of a literary or linguistic problem, an author, or a literary movement. Repeatable course.

SPA 495. Special Topics in Spanish. (3 Units)

Prerequisites: Senior Standing and consent of the instructor. Intensive study of a topic in Spanish literature, linguistics or culture. May be repeated with a different topic for up to six units.

SPA 498. Directed Research in Spanish. (1-3 Units)

SPA 594S. Independent Study. (1-3 Units)

Prerequisites: Consent of department chair and faculty advisor. In consultation with a faculty member, the student will investigate, in detail, current scholarship in selected area(s) or will undertake a project involving original research or creative study. Repeatable course.

SPA 595. Special Topics in Spanish. (3 Units)

Prerequisites: Two upper division courses in Spanish Literature, two upper division courses in Spanish Linguistics, or consent of the instructor. Intensive study of a topic of current interest to the disciplines of Spanish Literature and Spanish Linguistics. Topic and content will vary each term. New topics will be offered each term. Course may be repeated with different topic.

SPA 597S. Directed Reading. (1-3 Units)

Prerequisites: Consent of department chair and faculty advisor. Extensive reading in selected areas under the guidance of a faculty member. Repeatable course.

SPA 599S. Final Project. (3 Units)