Academic Catalog 2023-2024

Computer Science, Minor


Lower Division Required Courses
CSC 121Introduction to Computer Science and Programming I4
CSC 123Introduction to Computer Science and Programming II4
CSC 221Assembly Language and Introduction to Computer Organization3
MAT 191Calculus I5
MAT 193Calculus II5
MAT 271Foundations Of Higher Math3
MAT 281Discrete Mathematics3
Upper Division Required Courses
CSC 311Data Structures3
Select two courses from the following, one of which must have a CSC prefix:6
Programming Languages
Computer Organization
Operating Systems
Sel Topics in Computer Science
Analysis Of Algorithms
Artificial Intelligence
Advanced Programming Languages
Advanced Computer Organization
Advanced Operating Systems
Computer Networks
Data Management
WWW Design and Management
Security Engineering
Computer Graphics I
Computer Graphics II
Compiler Construction I
Senior Seminar
Senior Design
Selected Topics:
Finite Automata
Numerical Analysis I
Numerical Analysis II
Systems Analysis and Design
Database Systems
Data Communications
Total Hours36