Academic Catalog

Child Development (CDV)

CDV 150. Intro Child Development. (3 Units)

Overview of physical, cognitive, social and emotional development from conception through the end of adolescence; theoretical advances in child development; individual and contextual contribution to developmental processes.

CDV 180. Introduction to Observation and Assessment. (4 Units)

Prerequisites: CDV 150, Live Scan and current negative TB documentation are required. Overview of and introduction to methods of studying children; the basic research paradigm; observational methods; ethical issues in the study of children; generation and interpretation of data. 1 unit of observations of children in different settings. Department consent required.

CDV 225. Infant Development - FROZEN. (4 Units)

Prerequisites: Live Scan and current negative TB documentation. CDV 180. Development from conception through 2 years; changes through prenatal period; birth; development of attachment; infant care issues. 3 hours of lecture, 1 unit of observation in infant-care settings.

CDV 240. Early Childhood Development and Curriculum. (4 Units)

Prerequisites: CDV 150. Examines developmentally appropriate curriculum and teaching strategies from 2 to 6 years of age. Connections among curriculum and children's physical, cognitive, social and emotional development are examines. Includes 1 unit of fieldwork.

CDV 320. Mthd & Analysis in Child Study. (4 Units)

Prerequisites:CDV 150 and MAT 131 or MAT 132 or PSY 230 are required. Junior Standing is recommended. Various methods used to study children; quantitative and qualitative data; measurement issues; basic data analytic techniques. 3 hours lecture, 1 hour lab.

CDV 325. Infancy and Early Childhood. (3 Units)

Prerequisite: CDV 150 is required. Provides an overview of physical, cognitive, social and emotional development from conception through 6 years.

CDV 330. Schoolage Years. (3 Units)

Prerequisite: CDV 150 is required. Physical, cognitive, social and emotional development from 6 to 12 years. Emphasis on home, school, and community contexts and their interconnections; developmental analysis related to contemporary issues in areas of health and education.

CDV 342. Advanced Observation and Assessment in Early Childhood. (3 Units)

Prerequisite: CDV 180 and CDV 240 are required. Observation and assessment methods in early childhood and their significance in guiding development and designing programs for children birth through 8 years.

CDV 344. Supervision in Early Childhood Settings. (3 Units)

Prerequisites: CDV 180, CDV 240 and CDV 325 are required. Provides students with the methods and principles of supervising teachers, volunteers, student teachers, staff and other adults in early childhood education settings. An emphasis is placed on the development and role of the early childhood professions as a mentor and leader.

CDV 360. Adolescence. (3 Units)

Prerequisite: CDV 150 is required. Physical, cognitive, social and emotional development from 12 to 20 years, focusing on developmentally unique changes at individual, interpersonal and social levels.

CDV 363. Development in Diverse Contexts. (3 Units)

Prerequisites: CDV 320 CDV 325, CDV 330 and CDV 360. The development of the individual identity along multiple dimensions of age, gender and abilities in the contexts of class, culture, and ethnicity. Issues of hierarchies, the development of prejudice and discrimination at individual and institutional levels.

CDV 366. Parenting. (3 Units)

Prerequisites: CDV 320, CDV 325, CDV 330, and CDV 360 are required. The development of the parent-child relationship from birth through young adulthood. Changes in attachment, intimacy and distance; changing demands of parenting with developmental changes in children, parents and the family.

CDV 370. Enhancing Early Language and Literacy I. (3 Units)

Prerequisite: Jumpstart Corp member and department consent. Examines early language, literacy, and multi-lingual development with an emphasis on environmental factors. Provides techniques for engaging children in language and literacy activities and opportunities for students to evaluate and reflect on their civic engagement. Course open to Jumpstart Corps members only. Department consent required.

CDV 372. Scl Devpt Intrpsnl Reltns. (3 Units)

Prerequisites: CDV 225, CDV 240, CDV 330 and CDV 360. Study of social and emotional development from birth through adolescence; development of the self; temperament and emotion; attachment, peer, parent-child, and early romantic relationships; interpersonal skills and moral development.

CDV 380. Stress, Risk, & Resilience. (3 Units)

Prerequisites: CDV 320, CDV 325, CDV 330 and CDV 360 are required. Childhood stress; concept of and theories explaining developmental risk; coping mechanisms; resiliency and protective factors; transactional processes between individuals and contexts underlying coping.

CDV 423. Chld Devpt Scl Policy. (3 Units)

Prerequisite:CDV 320, CDV 325, CDV 330, CDV 360, CDV 380 are required. Enduring issues related to children's development that have led to policy decisions; process of policy making; current issues that require policy decisions; evaluating the impact of policy on children and families.

CDV 440. Immgrnt Chldrn Fmly. (3 Units)

Prerequisites: CDV 320, CDV 325, CDV 330 and CDV 360 are required. The process of immigration as an influential factor in development; changing ecologies and adaptation demands on individuals and families; informal and formal support structures.

CDV 442. Marriage, Family, and Community. (3 Units)

Prerequisite: CDV 320, CDV 325 and CDV 330 and CDV 360 are required. Examines family structure, love, mate selection, marital communication, divorce, remarriage, gender roles, and domestic violence across diverse contexts with a special focus on the factors that enhance healthy family relationships and children's development.

CDV 444. Language, Cognition, and Schooling. (3 Units)

Prerequisite: CDV 320, CDV 325, CDV 330, and CDV 360 Theoretical and empirical overview of cognitive and language development from birth through the end of adolescence; second language acquisition; interconnections between cognitive development, language development and schooling.

CDV 450. Devpt in Poverty. (3 Units)

Prerequisites: CDV 320, CDV 325, CDV 330, and CDV 360 Poverty as a unique context of development; developmental processes and child outcomes in poverty; family interactions and generation of coping mechanisms in the context of poverty; special needs of poor children.

CDV 490. Senior Seminar. (3 Units)

Prerequisites: 2.75 GPA, senior level standing, and department consent. Integration of knowledge about theories, empirical findings and practice in Child Development; emphasis on writing and presentation skills.

CDV 492. Seminar in Child Development Research. (4 Units)

Prerequisite: Grade of B or better in CDV 320; 2.75 GPA and department concent are required. Provides students an opportunity to integrate knowledge about theories, empirical findings and research practices in child development. Students learn and apply research methods. An emphasis is placed on writing and presenting research reports for academic or non-academic audiences.

CDV 494. Independent Study. (1-6 Units)

Prerequisites: Consent of instructor. Investigation of a single topic, chosen in consultation with a faculty member, culminating in a paper, presentation, or project. Repeatable course.

CDV 495. Special Topics. (1-5 Units)

Prerequisites: Upper division standing. Contemporary topics of interest in Child Development. Repeatable course.

CDV 496. Directed Field Experience. (4 Units)

Pre-requisite: Upper Division Standing, Department approval required. Must take Seminar and Supervision. Faculty supervised experience in any approved Child Development setting. Weekly seminar designed to facilitate the integration of Child Development knowledge and theory with students' fieldwork experience. students will examine and integrate personal and professional goals and values to gain an understanding of the self in a professional role. Each seminar provides an opportunity to share field experiences and problem solve.

CDV 498. Directed Research. (1-6 Units)

Prerequisites: Upper division standing; 2.5 GPA and consent of instructor. Project selected in consultation with a faculty supervisor and a plan made to implement the project; meetings held regularly. May be repeated to a maximum of 6 units.