Academic Catalog 2024-2025

Unit Requirements

A minimum of 120 semester units is required for the bachelor's degree.

Upper Division Units

A minimum of 40 semester units of upper division credit must be completed.

Residence Units

A minimum of 30 semester units must be completed in residence at CSU Dominguez Hills, of which 24 shall be earned in upper division courses and 12 upper division units shall be in the major. When a minor is declared, at least one-half of all upper division units earned for the minor must be completed in residence at CSU Dominguez Hills.

Credit by examination may not be used to fulfill the minimum residence requirement.

Up to 24 units of coursework taken in non-matriculated status through Open University may be used to fulfill the minimum residency requirement.

Credit received in summer session or January session at CSU Dominguez Hills may be counted as residence credit.

At least nine units of General Education must be completed at CSU Dominguez Hills.


In addition to the General Education course requirements and the major-minor course requirements, additional courses as elective units may be required to complete the minimum 120 unit requirement for graduation.

Electives chosen by the student to complete the minimum requirements for graduation may be selected to broaden general education and vocational interests.