Academic Catalog 2024-2025

Art History, Minor


The Minor in Art History offers students a background in the history of Western Art, and allows them a choice of three courses at the Upper Division level in areas that may be of particular interest to them in any combination of traditional, contemporary, and non-Western Art. Students may take the Minor in Art History and also Major in the Art or Design B.A.'s.

To complete the Minor in Art History, the following courses must be taken:

Lower Division Required Courses6
Introduction To World Art 1
Introduction To World Art 2
Upper Division Requirements6
Select two courses from the following:
Medieval to Gothic Art
Renaissance to Baroque Art
Modern Architecture
Contemporary Art
Art from Asia
Art Of The United States
Design History
Art of Latin America
Art from Africa
Writing in the Visual Arts
Women In Art
Art and Social Protest
Seminar in Theories of Art Criticism
Total Hours12