Academic Catalog 2024-2025

University Graduation Requirements

Statutory Requirements: United States History, Constitution and American Ideals

To qualify for graduation, each student shall demonstrate knowledge of the Constitution of the United States and American history, including the study of American institutions and ideals, and the principles of state and local government established under the Constitution of the state of California.

These statutory requirements may be satisfied by completion of POL 101 American Institutions and HIS 101 History Of United States, or by passing comprehensive examinations in each of these fields. Students who have fulfilled the American History and the United States Constitution and government section of the state requirements may fulfill the California state and local government section by successfully completing POL 312 State and Local Government: Organization and Problems or by passing a comprehensive examination. (Contact the Political Science Department, (310) 243-3434 for further information.) Students transferring from other colleges who have not already met one or more of these requirements may take examinations in those parts not met. Students transferring from other accredited institutions of collegiate grade, who have been certified by such institutions as meeting these requirements, shall not be required to take further courses or examinations therein.

Graduation Requirement in Writing Proficiency (Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement - GWAR) 

The California State University requires that all undergraduate students demonstrate competency in writing skills at the upper division level as a requirement for graduation.

Undergraduate students must first complete their lower division English composition courses in Area A, General Education, before attempting to complete this upper-division requirement. Fulfillment of GWAR should be undertaken at the beginning of the junior year (or 60 units) and can be met by completing an upper-division GWAR-certifying course in the major or a closely related major. Many departments and programs offered GWAR-certifying courses for their majors. Students should contact their major department to determine if such a course is offered. Students must earn a grade of C or higher to satisfy the GWAR. 

Those students whose major department does not offer an upper-division GWAR-certifying course may elect to take one of the following after consulting with their major department: 

  • BIO 490 Senior Project
  • BPH 340 Experimental Biophysics
  • BUS 445 International Business
  • CDV 320 Mthd & Analysis in Child Study
  • CHE 360 Writing in Chemical Sciences
  • CHS 300 Critical Issues in Chicana/Chicano Studies
  • CJA 339 Research Methods and Communication in Criminal Justice Administration
  • ENG 317 Black English Language and Culture
  • ENG 350 Advanced Composition: The English Department regularly offers this GWAR-certifying course.  Students must earn a grade of C or higher to satisfy the GWAR requirement.
  • ENG 490 Seminar in Literature
  • HIS 400 Proseminar in History
  • HUS 310 Helping and Professional Relationships
  • IDS 397 Writing Adjunct/IDS 398 Writing Adjunct (Competency Certification) (Students must complete both course to receive GWAR credit) 
  • IDS 490 Interdisciplinary Studies Senior Seminar
  • KIN 330 Sport and Exercise Psychology
  • LBS 370 Multicultural Studies
  • MUS 486 Music History III: 1880 to Contemporary
  • POL 300 Research Design in Political Science
  • WMS 490 Senior Capstone

Transfer Certification

Students who have satisfied the Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR) at another CSU campus in 1984 or later, but prior to matriculation at CSU, Dominguez Hills, may petition for fulfillment of GWAR at CSUDH.  Students must complete a Petition for Fulfillment of GWAR at the Toro Learning & Testing Center, attaching a copy of the certifying test score or copy of an official transcript and the catalog description of the pertinent coursework.  CSU, Dominguez Hills Testing Center, North Library 5705, (310) 243-3909.