Academic Catalog 2024-2025

Psychology, Master of Arts

Master of Arts in Psychology  
At CSUDH, we offer two tracks for our MA in Psychology – Clinical and Health. Both options provide students with a solid academic background by giving them an opportunity to complete advanced coursework and further develop their research skills by working closely with a faculty mentor on a research project or thesis. A wide variety of practicum sites are available for students to learn about direct service provision to clients, employees, and patients for students pursuing the clinical psychology option. The MA in Psychology program is designed for students who want to strengthen their academic record in preparation for applying to doctoral programs. Others choose to begin careers in industry, mental health, community agency and education settings.

Clinical Psychology Option (MACP) 
The Clinical Psychology option is designed to meet the professional needs of college graduates who plan careers in community mental health or who are already employed as paraprofessionals and desire to further their education and opportunities for advancement. The student is offered a unique opportunity to obtain solid academic knowledge of clinical psychology coupled with extensive research and supervised experience in the application of such knowledge. Students who are interested in pursuing licensure as a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) may opt to take additional approved coursework beyond that required for the MA. Specific coursework and requirements will be provided by the Psychology Department and must be completed prior to graduating from the program.

In the Psychology M.A. (clinical) the student is required to complete 33 units of credit, plus 400 hours of supervised practicum in a clinical setting and/or supervised research and teaching in an academic setting. In addition, the student must successfully complete a written comprehensive examination or a thesis. Students seeking the LPCC are required to complete 63 units of specified coursework in our program and a minimum of 280 hours of face-to-face clinical work supervised by a licensed therapist. These 280 hours are included in the 400-practicum hour requirement not in addition to it.

Health Psychology Option (MAHP) 
The Health Psychology Option will provide students with a solid academic background in health psychology. This specialized track is designed to meet the professional needs of college graduates who plan careers in community health and other health care settings such as rehabilitation centers, primary care centers and hospices. In addition, students enrolled in the Health Psychology Option will learn how to promote wellness in individuals and within organizations, and how to evaluate the effectiveness of prevention and treatment programs. The goal of a concentrated study in health psychology is to provide the student with an understanding of the relationships among biological, psychological, and social factors as they interact to influence mental and physical health. This goal is accomplished through an integrated program of coursework and research training. Students can earn up to 3 units of credit per semester for directed research (PSY 598) and thesis research (PSY 599). Our graduate students have been very successful securing funding for their graduate studies through several opportunities at California State University, Dominguez: Graduate Studies and Research travel fellowships, Graduate Equity Fellowship, and RA/TA fellowships. In the Psychology M.A. (Health Psychology track) the student is required to complete 36 units of credit. In addition, the student must successfully complete a thesis.

Admission Procedures

Admissions application deadline is February 1st at 11:59pm PST. Any application after this deadline will not be considered. 

Prospective students should use the Cal State Apply application to apply to either the Clinical or Health Psychology option. Students must apply on or before February 1st to be considered for admission. Due to processing time, we strongly recommend that you complete your Cal State Apply application and submit official transcripts at least four weeks in advance of the department's February 1st application deadline. 

Students will apply to and submit all materials via Cal State Apply:

Below is a checklist of all the supplemental documents that you will need to upload and submit online.

All materials must be uploaded and submitted to Cal State Apply by February 1st

  • Personal Statement
  • CV/Resume
  • Unofficial Transcripts of all institutions previously attended 
  • Unofficial Copy of Graduate Record Examination Scores (check MA Program webpage for GRE requirements for your application year)
  • One Writing Sample
  • Three Letters of Recommendation
  • All Official transcripts must be submitted to The Office of Admissions

Please refer to the Psychology MA Prospective Students webpage for more details about the admission process, including an information packet, admission requirements (required courses, GPA, GRE… etc.), FAQ, and other helpful information.

Classified Standing and Conditionally Classified Standing

Only students who have met all requirements as noted under Admission Procedures - M.A. Programs for the Psychology Department will be considered for admission into the M.A. in Psychology Program with Classified Standing.

Students who lack some of the admission requirements may be considered for admission into the program with Conditionally Classified Standing. This would allow them to enroll in the University to correct their deficiencies, and also permit them to take up to nine semester units of graduate coursework which could apply toward their degree if and when Classified Standing has been established. Please note that admission to Conditionally Classified Standing does not assure that a student will achieve Classified Standing in the program.