Academic Catalog 2024-2025

Cultural Resource Management, Certificate

In addition to the course work listed for the major concentration in Archaeology, the awarding of the certificate is based on demonstrated applied experience in the professional aspects of Cultural Resource Management. Students must demonstrate competence in at least two of the following areas:

  1. Intensive archaeological or ethnographic field experience relating to Cultural Resource Management; this experience must extend beyond an introductory field course.
  2. Laboratory analysis in which the student demonstrates knowledge of methods and techniques in handling, processing, and interpreting either archaeological or ethnographic findings.
  3. Report preparation experience in which the archaeological or anthropological aspects of Cultural Resource Management are stressed.

The applied experiences required for the Certificate in Cultural Resource Management can be obtained through independent study, enrollment in a special topics course, volunteer training, internships or actual professional experience of reasonable duration gained through employment in cultural resource management programs or projects. Arrangements for such experiences and individual competencies need to be made in advance under the guidance of the program coordinator and the department chair. Consultation should take place as soon as possible after the student selects this certificate program and also periodically while participating in the program.