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Dance Program Learning Outcomes

College of Arts and Humanities
Department of Theatre and Dance
Bachelor of Arts



Doris Ressl, Chair, Department of Theatre and Dance
Amy Allen

Chair's Office: LCH A-343, (310) 243-3732
Program Office: LCH A-109 (310) 243-3588

Emeritus Faculty

Carol A. Tubbs

Program Description

The Bachelor of Arts in Dance offers each student the opportunity to develop creative and technical skills to become leaders in the field of dance as dancers, choreographers, and teachers in studios, private, and public schools. The B.A. in Dance also prepares students looking to further their education by attending graduate school to receive their M.F.A, M.A., or Ph. D. in Dance or related fields. The Dance program is multicultural and multi-ethnic by nature and offers a wide range of dance styles and techniques to explore. Students are encouraged to create, produce, and assess their work in relation to the broad knowledge of dance history and its traditions.

The Dance Minor offers courses designed for students who wish to augment their Bachelor's degree and desire ot become a performer, choreographer, teacher, or further their dance training. 

CSU Dominguez Hills Dance faculty are professional dancers, choreographers, and teachers who offer classes in Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Tap, Hip-Hop, Middle Eastern, African dance and more. Students will have the opportunity to participate in master dance classes by nationally known artists and attend the American College Dance Festival, Classes in Dance Composition, Dance Production, Global Dance Perspectives, Rhythmic Analysis, Dance for Children and more; round out the B.A. in Dance to offer professional experiences to all. 


Two large dance studios are available to students. Both studios are equipped with sprung floors, mirrored walls and the main studio has ballet barres, a grand piano, and audiovisual systems. Ballet and modern classes have live music accompaniment. Ample locker and shower facilities are also available. Dance students perform in the fully equipped, modern University Theatre, which seats over 400 audience members. Two dance concerts are held each year, one in each semester. There are also opportunities to perform at various on and off campus events throughout the year.

The Dance program is a member of the American College Dance Festival Association. Students have the opportunity to participate in the ACDFA annual conference and adjudication concerts in the Baja Region and other performance venues.

Academic Advisement

We request that students meet with the dance advisor and program coordinator, Doris Ressl, before the start of their first semester at CSU Dominguez Hills. This is when educational goals and previous dance experience will be discussed. Based on this discussion, the progression of the student's major or minor requirements will be planned. Career opportunities will also be discussed. If transferring from a community or 4-year college, students should bring a copy of their transcripts. 


For the B.A. in Dance and Dance Minor, it is strongly suggested that students pursuing a career in dance study ballet, moder, and jazz dance techniques. Also, students should take advantage of all available choreography and performance opportunities and view as many dance performances as possible. In addition to high school graduation requirements, the student should study art music, acting, literature, philosophy, and kinesiology. While attending community college, students should seek coregraphic and performance experience in theatre presentations and attend as many dance performances as possible. Most dance technique courses taken at community colleges in ballet, modern, jazz, tap, and other selected dance styles will transfer to satisfy the lower division requirements for the B.A. in Dance and Dance Minor. 

Helpful Hints

  1. Seek advisement from the Dance Advisor each semester.
  2. Continue your dance technique training during the summer months.
  3. Attend as many live dance concerts as possible.
  4. Attend master classes offered at the University. 

Career Possibilities

The B.A. in Dance provides students with a broad-based Foundation in dance and to prepare them for graduate school, auditioning for and performing in dance companies, teaching opportunities in public schools, private dance studios, fitness programs, theatre, television, industrial shows, and working in "the business."

The Dance Minor is designed for students who desire to become a performer, choreographer, or teacher. 

Dance Opportunities

Mosaic Dance Company - is a semi-professional touring dance company is comprised of students at CSUDH. Guest artists, faculty members, and students create dance works with the company, which are performed in concerts on campus and in the surrounding community. Through a variety of dance styles, the Mosaic Dance Company provides a professional training experience for the students involved and provides dance education and performances to underserved populations in the community.

American College Dance Association (ACDA) - Interested dance students have opportunities to attend the annual conference and participate in the adjudication concerts. Students will meet students from college dance programs in and out of the Baja Region, take master dance classes, perform in adjudication concerts, receive feedback, and experience dance from other undergraduate and graduate academic institutions.

Bachelor of Arts in Dance

Total Course Requirements for the Bachelor's Degree

See the "Requirements for the Bachelor's Degree" in the University Catalog for complete details on general degree requirements. A minimum of 40 units, including those required for the major, must be upper division.


Completion of elective courses (beyond the requirements listed below) to reach a total of a minimum of 120 units.


See the "General Education" requirements in the University Catalog or the Class Schedule for the most current information on General Education requirements and course offerings.


See the "Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement" in the University Catalog.


The following courses, or their approved transfer equivalents, are required of all candidates for this degree.

A. Lower Division (17 units)
1. Required Courses (15 units)

DAN 130 Global Dance Perspectives (3)
DAN 200 Jazz I (2)
DAN 205 Jazz II (2)
DAN 210 Ballet I (2)
DAN 215 Ballet II (2)
DAN 220 Modern Dance I (2)
DAN 225 Modern Dance II (2)

2. Electives (2 units)
DAN 110 Dance of World Cultures (1)
DAN 120 Tap Dance (1)
DAN 125 Tap Dance II (1)
DAN 230 Dance Touring Ensemble (1)

B. Select one Theater (THE) course from the following list (3 units):
THE 264 Acting I (3)
THE 342 Fundamentals of Theatre Design (3)
THE 346 Theatre Workshop (3)

C. Upper Division (38 units)
1. Required Courses (22 units)
DAN 330 Dance Composition I (2)
DAN 335 Dance Composition III (3)
DAN 340 Dance Production (1)
DAN 345 Rhythmic Analysis (3)
DAN 355 Forces and Figures in Dance (3)
DAN 375 Dance Kinesiology & wellness (1)
DAN 430 Dance Composition III (3)
DAN 480 Dance Rehearsal & Performance (2)
DAN 499 ()

2. Electives (16 units)
a. Select five (5) Dance Technique Courses (units)
DAN 300 Jazz III (2)
DAN 305 Jazz IV (2)
DAN 310 Ballet III (2)
DAN 315 Ballet IV (2)
DAN 320 Modern Dance III (2)
DAN 325 Modern Dance IV (2)
DAN 410 Ballet V (2)
DAN 415 Ballet VI (2)
DAN 420 Modern Dance V (2)
DAN 425 Modern Dance VI (2)

b. Select one Theatrical Design course (3 units)
THE 340 Costuming (3)
THE 341 Makeup and Hair (3)
THE 347 Stage Lighting and Sound (3)
THE 376 Stage Management (3)

c. Select on Dance Studies Course (3 units)
DAN 385 Somatics and Conditioning (3)
DAN 395 Dance Pedagogy (3)
DAN 440 Dance for Children (3)
DAN 450 Musical Theatre Studies (3)

Minor in Dance (23-24 units)


A. Lower Division Requirements (11-12 units)

1. Required Courses (10 units)

DAN 210 Ballet I (2)
DAN 215 Ballet II (2)
DAN 220 Modern Dance I (2)
DAN 225 Modern Dance II (2)

2. Select one course from the following (1-2 units)

DAN 110 Dance of World Cultures (1)
DAN 120 Tap Dance (1)
DAN 205 Jazz II (2)

B. Upper Division Requirements (12 units)

1. Required Courses (10 units)

DAN 330 Dance Composition I (2)
DAN 335 Dance Composition III (3)
DAN 340 Dance Production (1)
DAN 345 Rhythmic Analysis (3)
DAN 355 Forces and Figures in Dance (3)

2. Select one course from the following (2 units)

DAN 310 Ballet III (2)
DAN 320 Modern Dance III (2)
Technique Advancement    

Students may advance to a higher level in a dance technique requirement if they receive prior permission from the Dance Advisor.