Academic Catalog

Women's Studies (WMS)

WMS 100. Gender, Sex, the Body, & Politics: An Introduction. (3 Units)

An introduction to the rapidly expanding body of literature related to the gendered aspects of health and sexuality with an emphasis on women.

WMS 200. Foundations in Queer Studies. (3 Units)

An introduction to the field of Queer Studies by analyzing the role of gender, race, class, ability, and nationalism in the construction of modern lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans (LGBT) identities, and it considers how queerness can operate as a disruption, expansion, or refusal of these identity categories.

WMS 250. Foundations in Women's Studies. (3 Units)

Introduces students to Women's Studies. Students learn about gender from a multicultural, multiracial feminist and global perspective. Emphasis is on women's history; gender, culture, and nation; social institutions; sexuality, sexism, and violence; and local and transnational women's movements.

WMS 295. Special Topics in Women's Studies. (3 Units)

An introductory study of an issue or a concept in Women's Studies that is of particular interest to both the faculty member and the students. Repeatable course with different topics.

WMS 310. The Witch in Literature. (3 Units)

Examines representation of the witch and witchcraft in literature and culture in different historical periods and cultures.

WMS 311. Comedy, Sex and Gender. (3 Units)

Examines representations of gender and sexuality in comedy and humor from multicultural perspectives. Topics include feminist humor and comedy as vehicles of social criticism and advocacy, and the relationships of the comedic to ethnicity, race and class.

WMS 314. Feminism and Film. (3 Units)

Introduces issues that feminist theory poses for the analysis of film and culture. it focuses on women's contributions to, and representations in, film.

WMS 315. Literature and the Rights of Women. (3 Units)

Provides comparatist perspectives on the representation of women's roles and rights as expressed in a variety of writings from different historical periods and cultures. Students will gain an understanding of women's differential treatment in legal systems and social institutions from antiquity to present.

WMS 318. Race, Class and Gender. (3 Units)

This cross-cultural, interdisciplinary course introduces students to women's issues as these interface with race and class. Students will recognize, analyze and evaluate the socio-political and economic forces that affect women's lives through a critical examination of race, class and gender.

WMS 320. Feminist Principles. (3 Units)

Prerequisite: WMS 250 is required. A primer to principles of feminist philosophy, history, thought, methodology and current issues pertaining to women.

WMS 350. Feminist Research Methods. (3 Units)

Prerequisites: WMS 250 and WMS 320 required. A primer to feminist research methods. Students will be introduced to a variety of ways in which feminists question and approach the production of knowledge.

WMS 390. Transnational Feminisms. (3 Units)

Leaning away from older models of Global "Sisterhood" which privilege a singular western-focused model of democracy and gender, transnational feminisms are interested in respectign difference to understand local, historical, economic, and (post)-colonial conditions that women draw on to articulate resistance. This course offers differences between global feminism and transnational feminisms by moving through examples and case studies of how transnational feminisms look on the ground and in response to different modes of oppression.

WMS 400. Feminist Theories. (3 Units)

Prerequisites: WMS 350 required. Advanced study in feminist theory. Course addresses major concepts and assumptions of feminist study in order to better understand how to address societal and power inequalities and to improve women's status globally.

WMS 433. Intro to Women's Studies. (3 Units)

WMS 490. Senior Capstone. (3 Units)

Prerequisite: WMS 400 required. A critical analysis and interpretation of major feminist theories and contemporary issues in women's studies.Special attention will be paid to different discourse communities - academic, internet, personal - as they relate to feminism and the women's movement, in order to help students think more deeply about being a reader and writer of feminist scholarship. Students will be exposed to influential and emergent feminist theories in order to produce original research projects, papers, and/or creative works.

WMS 494. Independent Study. (1-3 Units)

Prerequisites: Consent of instructor and program coordinator. Independent study of a particular problem, issue, or readings under the direction of a member of the Women's Studies faculty. Course is not repeatable for credit in the Women's Studies minor.

WMS 495. Special Tpcs: Women's Studies. (3 Units)

An intensive study of an issue or a concept in Women's Studies that is of particular interest to both the faculty member and the students. Repeatable course with different topics. Three hours of seminar per week.

WMS 496. Internship in Women's Studies. (3 Units)

Practical application of coursework in Women's Studies through supervised work and field experience in politics, law, art, communications, social welfare agencies or other area as approved by the instructor and coordinator of the program. Course is not repeatable for credit in the Women's Studies minor.