Academic Catalog 2023-2024

College of Business Administration and Public Policy

Education is the key to the workplace in the 21st century. Access to data has exploded due to the digital and Internet revolutions. However, the abundance of data in no way assures good decision making. Data must be converted to useful information through knowledgeable analysis. Such analysis can only occur through educated and informed individuals and systems. Additionally, students need effective communication and interpersonal skills. The College of Business Administration and Public Policy provides students with the skills to compete in the global markets of the 21st century.

Our first priority is to graduate baccalaureate students who can assume the full responsibility of an entry-level professional position in the private and public sectors. Our second priority is to graduate master's students who can assume managerial positions in private and public sector organizations. Our third priority is to provide our graduates with the lifelong learning skills and motivation to grow and evolve as the economy changes. Graduates of the College of Business Administration and Public Policy find career positions in both large and small private and public sector firms, start their own businesses, work in local, state and federal governments and agencies, and in nonprofit organizations, and attend graduate programs and law school.

At the heart of our program in preparing students for the future is the faculty in the College of Business Administration and Public Policy. I proudly state that our faculty comprise a cadre of dedicated professors who are committed to teaching and remaining current with business, public administration, economics, and political science, research and theory. Faculty have been active as practitioners in their respective fields throughout their careers. This expertise greatly enriches the quality of classroom education as well as other related experiences, such as on-site tours, internships, guest speakers and enhanced job placement opportunities upon graduation.

Our faculty have designed a curriculum that has as its primary objective the transfer of "best practices" in business, government and not-for-profit organizations. As citizens and future managers or public administrators, students must develop the cultural sensitivities, technological and communication skills, negotiating techniques and team-building expertise to function in the diverse global economy that presents many opportunities for career success. The cultural, ethnic, gender, social and economic diversity within the faculty and student population of the CSUDH College of Business Administration and Public Policy provides students with a unique setting to develop the attributes and skills necessary to compete effectively.

The College believes that leaders do not just react to opportunity but, in fact, take actions that shape the opportunity. On the following pages, we describe the educational programs offered in the College of Business Administration and Public Policy, which are designed to shape the leaders that will create the world of opportunity in the 21st century.

We welcome inquiries and questions, and invite you to visit the campus and the College of Business Administration and Public Policy. We want to become your business, public administration, political science, or applied studies program of choice and prepare you for the ever-evolving and exciting world of opportunity that awaits you.

College of Business Administration and Public Policy

The College of Business Administration and Public Policy (CBAPP) is located in the Innovation and Instruction Building. Faculty and staff offices for the departments are located on the 4th floor, advisement with the CBAPP Student Success Center is located on the 1st and 3rd floors, and the CBAPP Graduate Programs office is located on the 3rd floor.

CBAPP Dean's Office
Dean, Joseph Wen
Associate Dean, Tayyeb Shabbir
Office: II 4200
Phone: (310) 243-3548

Graduate and Professional Programs
Assistant Dean, Betty Vu
Office: II 3500
Phone: (310) 243-3646

Accounting, Finance and Economics Department
Information Systems and Operations Management Department
Management and Marketing Department
Master of Science in Accounting

School of Public Service and Justice
Department of Public Administration
Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership
Master of Public Administration Program (MPA)

CBAPP Student Success Center
Office: II 1100
Phone: (310) 243-3548