Academic Catalog

Health Sciences (HSC)

HSC 491. Management in Health Sciences. (3 Units)

Prerequisite: HEA 201. Presentation and discussion of current concepts and trends in the administration and management of the health sciences. Educational/instructional methodologies. Student projects, written and oral.

HSC 500. Health Care Leadership & Mgt. (3 Units)

Examines the structure, management and interrelationship of health care organizations across the spectrum of care in light of classical and contemporary management theory, and provides understanding of the unique relationship within and between health care organizations and professionals.

HSC 501. Advanced Research Methods in Health Science. (1-3 Units)

Prerequisites: HEA 479 or equivalent and MAT 131 or equivalent. Theory and practice of experimental, correlation and descriptive research. Computer application of statistical packages to data sets. Two hours of lecture and two hours of laboratory per week.

HSC 502. Principles of Epidemiology. (3 Units)

Overview of principles and methods of epidemiology and application to distribution of health and illness in society. Examines risk factors associated with incidence and prevalence of acute and chronic diseases in diverse populations.

HSC 503. Health Prom & Disease Prev. (3 Units)

Study of health behaviors and evaluation of community intervention strategies for the promotion of health and prevention of disease in diverse populations.

HSC 504. Hea Policy & Adm for Hea Prof. (3 Units)

Examination of current health policy issues and health care administrative practices for health professionals. Emphasis on health care reform, managed care, case management, personnel management, financial management, the health care team, Patient Focused Care, Continuous Quality Improvement.

HSC 505. Teac Strat for Health Prof. (3 Units)

Prerequisite: HSC 500. Study of effective teaching and evaluation methods in health sciences, including principles of teaching and learning, curriculum development, problem-based learning, competency-based outcomes assessment, group dynamics, and instructional media.

HSC 506. Critical Assess of Hea Sci Lit. (3 Units)

Prerequisites: HSC 501, or completion of HEA 479 or equivalent and MAT 131 or equivalent, and consent of instructor. Critical assessment of health literature in terms of research methods, application of research findings, and policy implications.

HSC 507. Meas & Assess in HP Educ. (3 Units)

Prerequisite: HSC 500. The course focuses on issues of measurement and assessment in teaching in the health professions. Emphasis is placed on approaches to testing, types of instruments, validity, reliability, and item analysis. Examines methods and approaches to evaluation of scientific research.

HSC 508. Ethical Issues in HC Mgt. (3 Units)

Prerequisite: HSC 500 is recommended. Review of ethical decision-making theories and moral principles related to health care organizational management, biomedical advances, end-of-life criteria, access to care, and the establishment, composition, and responsibilities of medical ethics committees and ethical codes of conduct.

HSC 509. Commun & GP Dyn in HC. (3 Units)

Prerequisite: HSC 500 is recommended. Assists students in understanding and improving interpersonal communication skills through structured exercises in professional presentations, scientific writing, skill development in health information technologies, and interacting with health personnel and practitioners in healthcare organizations.

HSC 512. Principles of Managed Care. (3 Units)

Prerequisite: HSC 500. Analyzes the implications to providers, consumers, and payers of managed care including the financial and operational values of capitation and other reimbursement mechanisms, medical group formation and valuation, risk assessment, and contractual issues of price, service, and payment.

HSC 515. Org Theory & Behavior in HS. (3 Units)

Prerequisite: HSC 500; completion of core requirements is recommended. Reviews organizational design, behavior and theory as an interdisciplinary approach to understanding health service organizations. Issues of workforce diversity, organizational development, reengineering and the use of teams to improve efficiency are analyzed.

HSC 518. Fin & Cost Accounting. (3 Units)

Prerequisite: HSC 500. Presents principles and perspectives of financial and cost management of profit and not-for-profit health care organizations with specific emphasis on the integration of contractual allowance, capitation management, cost-center accounting and reimbursement policy impact on financial management.

HSC 521. Compl Hea Law & Res. (3 Units)

Prerequisite: HSC 500. Covers legal theories, issues, and government regulations as they pertain to management of and compliance with recognized standards of medical research and clinical trials.

HSC 524. HS Res & Funded Projects. (3 Units)

Prerequisite: HSC 500. Analysis of funded research projects in the health sciences, including study design, sampling, data analysis and significance of the research proposal in preparing a grant application. Critical analysis of the literature and identification of appropriate funding opportunities for grant projects.

HSC 530. HC Strat Plan & Market. (3 Units)

Prerequisite: HSC 500. Presents the principles and theoretical foundation of health care strategic and tactical planning, marketing, business development, managed care contract maximization, and financial analysis and modeling of alternative short and long-range strategies across the continuum of health care.

HSC 594. Ind Study in Health Science. (1-3 Units)

Independent study, including research or field experience under supervision of a faculty member. Independent study contract required. Repeatable course.

HSC 595. Special Topics:. (1-3 Units)

Advanced course of interest to graduate students in the health sciences. Specific topic and content will vary as announced. Repeatable course.

HSC 596. Pract in Prof Studies. (3 Units)

Prerequisite: Completion of core courses. Fieldwork and in-depth study of a discipline related topic under the direction of Division of Health Sciences faculty member. Graded CR/NC only. Nine hours of laboratory per week. Repeatable for credit for up to a maximum of six units.

HSC 598. Directed Research. (1 Unit)

Research on a subject related to the option which is suitable for professional presentation or publication. Specific topic of the research must be approved and directed by an instructor. A maximum of 2 units may be applied toward the master's degree. Repeatable course.

HSC 599. Graduate Capstone Activity. (1 Unit)

Prerequisites: Advancement to Candidacy and completion of all core courses and HEA 598. Writing and presentation of a research project under supervision with assigned faculty.

HSC 600. Project Continuation Course. (1 Unit)

Students who have completed all coursework except HSC 599 Graduate Capstone Activity may maintain continuous attendance by enrolling in this course. Signature of graduate coordinator is required.