Academic Catalog


Bachelor of Arts Sociology Learning Outcomes

  1. Sociology department seeks to provide the appropriate learning contexts that will enhance students’ basic skill in writing, reading and critical thinking
  2. Introduce students to a sociological perspective ie to conceptualize and theorize sociologically
  3. To instruct students to rigorously qualitative and quantitative research methods and recognize the importance of linking method to theory
  4. To cultivate in students in students an appreciation of how strong academic skills can enhance career opportunities and serve community needs
  5. To inform students of the importance of personal and professional ethics.
  6. Evaluate the validity and reliability of data
  7. Design and Execute a research project
  8. Write and clear sociological analysis
  9. Demonstrate the difference between theory and methods
  10. Ability to conduct statistical analysis

Master of Arts Sociology Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate responsible ethical and professional conduct related to sociological research and in professional life.
  2. Demonstrate advanced writing skills reflective of sociological styles (e.g. research papers, literature reviews, research proposal, or program evaluations) at the graduate level.
  3. Demonstrate skills designed to contribute to the development of their discipline or profession at the economic, social and civic policy levels.
  4. Demonstrate an ability to perform independently, both intellectually and professionally, within sociology at a graduate level.
  5. Demonstrate an ability to express advanced ideas orally at a graduate level.
  6. Engage in research, scholarly or creative activity within sociology or make meaningful contributions to field of sociology at a graduate level.