Academic Catalog

Master of Science in Systems Engineering

Graduates of the Systems Engineering program will:

  • Apply the appropriate mathematical, science and engineering techniques to systems engineering problems.
  • Identify the proper application of Systems Engineering processes, tools and methodologies to interdisciplinary problems.
  • Generate, collect and articulate user needs and requirements for complex systems.
  • Define the role of Systems Engineering processes and tools in each phase of a system’s life cycle: from inception through retirement.
  • Compare and contrast the impact of engineering solutions and design alternatives in the context of acquisition, environmental, ethical, fiscal, operational, schedule and technological constraints.
  • Describe how to plan and manage complex systems engineering projects.
  • Outline professional and ethical responsibility in engineering efforts.
  • Compare and contrast system and component-level alternatives using appropriate system analysis tools.
  • Articulate technically complex ideas and concepts in oral as well as in written format.