Academic Catalog

Indigenous Peoples of the Americas Learning Outcomes

Students who complete the minor in Indigenous Peoples of the Americas will be able to:

  1. analyze and interpret data, including perspectives of various Native American world views;
  2. analyze and explain complex interactions between cultural, ethnic, and political groups and their impact on education, health, socio-economic, and social issues;
  3. express through written and oral communication an understanding of various aspects of critical issues within American Indigenous Studies;
  4. locate, evaluate and effectively use information from various resources (oral histories, indigenous media, primary sources and a range of academic resources) relating to indigenous history, culture, and contemporary issues;
  5. demonstrate an understanding of indigenous cultural traditions and explain interactions between indigenous peoples and nation-states regarding social Justice, political relations, economic development, health, gender roles, education, and religion; and
  6. carry out community-based activities and projects in American Indigenous communities, and demonstrate that they understand the ethical considerations of these activities.