Academic Catalog

Bachelor of Arts Political Science Learning Outcomes

  1. Becomes conversant with the theories and conceptual frameworks of the major subfields of political science.
  2. Applies critical analysis to political institutions, political issues, and political behavior at the international, national, and sub-national levels.
  3. Accesses diverse information resources and utilize information from these sources effectively to develop and informed understanding of the dynamic political environment.
  4. Understands and applies the techniques of quantitative political analysis, including the design, execution, and analysis of research.
  5. Analyzes and evaluates the recent major issues, conflicts, and problems in American government institutions.
  6. Assesses basic international political theories, principles, and practices, including the examination of international system characteristics and foreign policy decision-making.
  7. Examines the sources and patterns of political continuity and change in selected countries in the First and Third Worlds
  8. Critically analyzes the major political philosophies and schools of thought from Plato to the sixteenth century.
  9. Understand the nature and development of the US constitutional system, with an emphasis on the separation of powers, federalism, police power, and the commerce clause.