Academic Catalog

Bachelor of Arts Anthropology Learning Outcomes

  1. Summarize the evidence and processes of world cultural development and the basic sub-disciplines of Anthropology
  2. Understand basic anthropology theory and methods and can explain how these relate to the conduct of fieldwork and research
  3. Demonstrates in-depth knowledge of specific cultures
  4. Applies fieldwork techniques to collect, generate, and analyze anthropological data
  5. Demonstrate critical thinking skills and be able to write effective essays and papers in anthropological topics
  6. Can apply anthropological concepts to the world of work and in everyday life
  7. Critically assess and interpret findings on the human condition from a holistic anthropological perspective
  8. Use the concepts and methods of Anthropology to enhance multicultural interpersonal relationships in work and everyday life
  9. Displays respect for other ways of life and an understanding of ethnocentrism