Academic Catalog

History Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Bachelor of Art’s degree in History, students will be able to demonstrate:

  1. an understanding of the nature and goals of history as a discipline, including an awareness of the complexity of  the past and the historical record
  2. a broad range of historical comprehensions, including an understanding of the basic themes and issues of the history of the United States and at least two other world regions (Africa, Asia, Europe –including Russia –or Latin America)
  3. an understanding of the historical construction of class, race, ethnicity and gender, and the ability to critically evaluate the use of these categories in primary and secondary sources
  4. research and information literacy skills using campus library resources, including the critical use of both print and electronic research sources
  5.  the ability to distinguish between facts and interpretations and to identify arguments in historical scholarship and to evaluate them critically
  6. the ability to communicate historical knowledge, interpretations and arguments clearly in writing and in formal oral presentations
  7. the ability to properly document primary and secondary sources and to construct a bibliography
  8. a capacity for life-long learning by completing an independent research project (involving the formulation of an historical question and the composition of a formal research paper exploring that question utilizing both primary and secondary sources).