Academic Catalog

Art and Design Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate an ability in practical and conceptual knowledge of the visual arts. (Critical thinking)
  2. Communicate effectively in an oral overview of art and design in relation to cultural context. (Communication)
  3. Demonstrate an ability to proactively engage with the broader community and related industries as a visual arts cultural center. (Engaged Citizenry)
  4. Demonstrate the competence required for an entry level position in a related professional field. (Professional Proficiency)
  5. Demonstrate written comprehension of the diverse historical art traditions. (Critical thinking)
  6. Demonstrate an ability to develop collaborative relationships and work with faculty and students. (Communication and collaboration)
  7. Demonstrate technical and expressive fluency in materials, tools and/or industry-related software applications. (Disciplinary Proficiency)
  8. Exhibit a selection of representative works in a public gallery or other cultural venue. (Professional Proficiency) (studio art)