Academic Catalog 2021-2022

Technology Based Education (TBE)

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TBE 518.  Current Topics in Educ. Tech..  (3 Units)  

Prerequisite: TBE 520. Provides information about topics of current interest in educational technology. Course content and requirements vary by semester.

Offered Fall

TBE 520.  Intro Computers In Edu.  (3 Units)  

Presents the uses of computers in educational settings, including: computer assisted instruction, criteria for software and hardware selection, computer-assisted testing, and an introduction to programming. Laboratory in educational computing provides experience in the following areas: Word processing, LOGO and BASIC programming, computerized grade books, computer-assisted testing and computer graphics.

Offered Infrequent

TBE 530.  Graph/Word Proc/Dsk Tp Pub.  (3 Units)  

Prerequisite: TBE 520 or consent of instructor. Prepares students to use both paint and object-oriented graphics, word processing and desktop publishing software in preparing educational materials. Prepares the teachers who are students of this course to teach these skills to their pupils in the public schools.

Offered Spring

TBE 540.  Programming Applic Edu.  (3 Units)  

Prerequisite: TBE 520. Fundamentals of computer programming logic using LOGO and web page development. Emphasis is on instructional design and the creation of classroom-related materials.

Offered Fall

TBE 550.  Computer-Managed Instruction.  (3 Units)  

Prerequisite: TBE 520. This class presents skills for managing computer-based instruction, including IBM, Macintosh and Apple II series hardware and software troubleshooting, computer lab supervision, telecommunications, networking, and in-service training design and presentation.

Offered Fall, Spring

TBE 560.  Prep Comp Asst Instr.  (3 Units)  

Prerequisite: TBE 540 or consent of instructor. Prepares students to plan and write drill and practice lessons, tutorials, simulations, tests, and supporting materials for computer assisted instruction.

Offered Fall

TBE 570.  CAI Final Project.  (3 Units)  

Prerequisite: TBE 560 or consent of instructor. This capstone activity requires the student to develop, field-test and evaluate the effectiveness of a computer assisted instructional product.

Offered Spring

TBE 580.  ePortfolio Development.  (3 Units)  

Prerequisite: TBE 560 is required. TBE 570 is recommended. Create an ePortfolio containing evidence using projects, papers, and/or activities demonstrating mastery of ISTE Technology Facilitation standards. The evidence for each standard must be accompanied by a written justification showing how the evidence meets the standard.

Offered Infrequent