Academic Catalog 2021-2022

Labor Studies (LBR)

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LBR 200.  Labor and the Environment.  (3 Units)  

The course will pursue an understanding of the consequences of climate policies for different categories of workers, identified by economic sector, geographic location, gender, migration and immigration, and national status.

Offered Fall

LBR 310.  Success and Values.  (3 Units)  

Explores the various ways people and institutions i the Americas define success, with the underlying question, does one have to sacrifice one's values to achieve success.

Offered Fall, Spring

LBR 312.  Decade of the Sixties.  (3 Units)  

Explores the sociopolitical milieu that incited the unrest of the Sixties, with the war in Vietnam at the center. Focuses on the interaction between writers, musicians, activists, labor and religious leaders, and the social movements of the time.

Offered Fall, Spring

LBR 314.  Key Issues: American Dream.  (3 Units)  

Explores the concept of the American Dream as it is expressed through literature, art, film, etc. and how people interpret the meaning of the concept in their own lives in a multiracial society.

Offered Fall, Spring

LBR 395.  Special Topics in Labor Studies.  (1-4 Units)  

Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Course of special interest for students in the selected area of study. Topic and content will vary as announced.

Offered As needed

LBR 411.  Contracts & Negotiations.  (3 Units)  

The process of negotiating, writing and enforcing a labor contract. An overview of the historical events that have affected contemporary negotiation practices. A survey and analysis of labor contracts in various sectors of industry, including a workshop in contract writing and negotiation.

Offered Fall

LBR 412.  Labor Law.  (3 Units)  

Legal history of the American labor movement. Survey of federal and state laws regulating employment, collective bargaining, contract clauses, arbitration, collective actions, lockouts, unfair labor practices and fair employment practices.

Offered As needed

LBR 490.  Seminar In Labor Studies.  (3 Units)  

Prerequisite: Senior standing or consent of instructor. An integrative course to study selected topics, to develop an overview of the field and to relate theory and practical application. Students will develop seminar papers as they complete an internship in a labor organization or research an area of labor studies. Three hours of seminar per week.

Offered Infrequent

LBR 494.  Independent Study.  (1-3 Units)  

Prerequisites: Consent of the instructor Independent study of particular topics in the subject area under the direction of a member of the subject department faculty. Repeatable course.

Offered Fall, Spring, Summer

LBR 495.  Special Topics.  (1-4 Units)  

Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Advanced course of special interest for students in the selected area of study. Topic and content will vary as announced.

Offered Fall, Spring

LBR 496.  Practicum Labor Studies.  (3 Units)  

Prerequisites: Consent of instructor is required. Directed field research or supervised internship. Training and research in the practice and policies of a labor organization or labor-related governmental agency. Repeatable course.

Offered Fall, Spring

LBR 590.  Graduate Seminar.  (3 Units)  

Co-requisite: MUS 180 is required. Studio instruction in an applied area that complements and provides additional depth to that which is offered in MUS 180. In depth study of Etudes, scales, arpeggios, and supplemental solo repertoire.

Offered As needed

LBR 594.  Independent Study.  (3 Units)  

A special project involving research or creative work in consultation with a faculty member. Repeatable for credit.

Offered As needed

LBR 595.  Special Topics in Labor Studies:.  (3 Units)  

Prerequisite: Consent of Instructor required. An intensive study of an issue or a concept in Labor Studies of special interest to faculty and students. Topics vary. Repeatable course

Offered As needed

LBR 598.  Directed Research.  (1-3 Units)  

Independent research under direction of supervising faculty member in Labor Studies or related field. A-B/NC grading only.

Offered As needed

LBR 599.  Graduate Capstone.  (1-3 Units)  

Supervised thesis or special project in Labor Studies.

Offered As needed