Academic Catalog 2021-2022

Graduate Education (GED)

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GED 500.  Research Methods in Education.  (3 Units)  

Examination of assumptions and techniques of educational research. Review of pertinent research studies emphasizing their applicability to educational problems. Statistical concepts, research methodology and computer applications are included.

Offered Fall, Spring

GED 501.  Seminar in Learning and Development.  (3 Units)  

Theory, research and practice related to learning and development. Emphasis on biological and psychological factors in individual differences. Includes study of affective and cognitive development. Three hours of seminar per week.

Offered Fall, Spring

GED 503.  Socio-Cultural Issues in Education.  (3 Units)  

Examines the total process of socialization and the effects of cultural determinants on human development and learning. Considers the school as an agent of socialization. Change agent role of school personnel is explored.

Offered Fall, Spring

GED 512.  Values And Teaching.  (3 Units)  

Exploration of philosophical literature as it relates to values in education. Development of values from early childhood to adolescence. Exploration of personal values. Methods and procedures for teaching values in the classroom.

Offered Infrequent

GED 535L.  Intro Computers in Education Lab.  (1 Units)  

Offered Infrequent

GED 548.  Effective College Teaching.  (3 Units)  

Study of research, theory, and practices associated with teaching and learning processes within the community college system. Topics include course planning and organization, student diversity, teaching and student retention, and instructional technology. Required Text: Tools for Teaching

Offered Infrequent

GED 549.  The Community College.  (2 Units)  

An overview of the history, mission and function of the community college. Topics include this history of higher education, the role of the community college, student characteristics, curriculum, finance, governance, articulations and the California Master Plan. Required Text: The American Community College

Offered Infrequent

GED 550.  Leadership in Higher Education.  (3 Units)  

Corequisite: GED 551 is recommended. Focuses on leadership theory, models, practices, governance, and management processes, leadership perspectives and theory applicable to higher education; addresses the complex social and political landscape and current and future trends of higher education.

Offered Fall

GED 551.  Legal Issues in Higher Education.  (3 Units)  

Co-requisite: GED 550 is recommended. Addresses laws, policies, and legal issues pertaining to teaching, learning, and administrative environments in higher education and discusses ethical and legal principles applicable to their resolution; considers the policy issues which impact the application of law in higher education.

Offered All terms, Fall

GED 552.  Higher Education Finance.  (3 Units)  

Prerequisites: GED 550 and GED 551 are recommended. Co-requisite: GED 553 is recommended. Examines current financial, economic, regulatory, and budget issues within higher education. Primary political, regulatory, economic and social influences on higher education, as well as revenue/expenditure streams, financial planning, analysis, and management are explored at national, state, and institutional levels.

Offered All terms, Spring

GED 553.  Diversity and Inclusion in Higher Education.  (3 Units)  

Prerequisites: GED 550 and GED 551 are recommended. Corequisite: GED 552 is recommended. Explores issues of diversity, inclusion, equity, and social justice in higher education; focuses on theory, major concepts, and best practices as they inform policy, practice and leadership within higher education.

Offered All terms, Spring

GED 592.  Education Coursework Synthesis.  (3 Units)  

Designed to assist the graduate student completing the M.A. in education to integrate previous course work and to research new material in preparation for the master's exam. For all options. May not be used as credit toward the M.A. CR/NC grading. Three hours of seminar per week.

Offered Infrequent

GED 594.  Independent Study.  (1-3 Units)  

Independent study undertaken under the supervision of a faculty member. Repeatable course.

Offered Fall, Spring

GED 595.  Special Top:.  (1-3 Units)  

Topics vary by section and semester. See class schedule for title and prerequisites. Repeatable course. Three hours of seminar per week.

Offered Infrequent

GED 599.  Thesis.  (1-6 Units)  

Prerequisite: Consent of Advisor. The student will execute an individually planned research effort or a creative project. Students work under individual supervision with assigned faculty. May be repeated up to six units.

Offered Infrequent

GED 600.  Grad Continuation Course.  (1 Units)  

Graduate students who have completed their course work but not their thesis, project, or comprehensive examination, or who have other requirements remaining for the completion their degree, may maintain continuous attendance by enrolling in this course. Signature of graduate program coordinator required.

Offered Fall, Spring, Summer