Academic Catalog 2021-2022

French (FRE)

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FRE 110.  Beginning French I.  (3 Units)  

Basic instruction in French. Training in speaking, listening, reading, and writing for students who have had no previous work in French.

Offered Fall, All terms

FRE 111.  Beginning French II.  (3 Units)  

Prerequisite: FRE 110 or consent of instructor. A continuation of French 110.

Offered Spring, All terms

FRE 220.  Second Year French.  (3 Units)  

Prerequisite: At least one year of college French or consent of instructor. Individualized instruction in French language, life and letters for second-year and advanced first-year students in French. This course taken successfully twice completes lower division requirements for the major and minor. Repeatable course.

Offered Infrequent

FRE 305.  Advanced Composition, Syntax, & Stylistics.  (3 Units)  

Major political, intellectual, socio-economic and cultural developments in Europe from the sixteenth century to the Enlightenment. Key topics include absolutism, mercantilism, colonialism, constitutionalism, the Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment.

Offered Infrequent

FRE 310.  The Study Of Language.  (3 Units)  

Traditional and modern approaches to the study of language; fundamentals of phonology and grammar (same as SPA 310).

Offered Infrequent

FRE 450.  French Culture.  (3 Units)  

Prerequisite: FRE 220 or equivalent. An area studies course focusing on patterns of French civilization and culture.

Offered Infrequent

FRE 452.  French Literature I.  (3 Units)  

Prerequisite: FRE 220 or equivalent. French literature from the Middle Ages to the Revolution.

Offered Infrequent

FRE 453.  French Literature II.  (3 Units)  

Prerequisite: FRE 220 or equivalent. Prose and poetry of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Offered Infrequent

FRE 494S.  Independent Study.  (1-3 Units)  

Prerequisites: B average in French, upper division standing, and consent of instructor and department chair. Independent study of a literary or linguistic problem, author, or movement. Repeatable course.

Offered Infrequent