Academic Catalog 2021-2022

Finance (FIN)

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FIN 200.  Personal Finance for Non-Finance Majors.  (3 Units)  

A survey of concepts and tools that can help consumers improve the management of their personal finances. The course may help students identify psychological and social processes used to influence how we spend our money in ways that benefit those institutions, but may conflict with their self-interest.

Offered Fall, Spring

FIN 360.  Business Finance.  (3 Units)  

Prerequisite: ACC 230, ECO 210, and one of the following, MAT 105, MAT, 131, MAT 153, MAT 171, MAT 191, or MAT 193. A survey of the decision framework for financial management; forecasting and planning, major investment and financing decisions, control and interaction with capital markets.

Offered Fall, Spring, Summer, All terms

FIN 375.  Personal Financial Planning.  (3 Units)  

Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Provides an understanding of personal finance issues relating to budgeting, planning credit, retirement planning, insurance investments, and estate planning. Students will be able to adopt principles studied to their personal lives and make better decisions.

Offered Fall, Spring

FIN 382.  Financial Analysis.  (3 Units)  

Required Prerequisite: FIN 360. Readings and case studies in financial theory and practice relating to financial statement analysis, capital budgeting, short-term financial management; computer applications.

Offered Fall, Spring

FIN 426.  Portfolio Management.  (3 Units)  

Prerequisite: FIN 360 is required. Basic procedures and analytical tools necessary to construct, analyze, evaluate and revise investment portfolios or groups of assets, including computerized portfolio models.

Offered Fall, Spring

FIN 427.  Financing E-Business.  (3 Units)  

Prerequisite: FIN 360. An overview of financing options available to E-Business operations. Emphasis will be placed on analyzing financing alternatives specific to E-Business, and issues in raising financing at all stages of operations. Course includes reading assignments, case studies, and Internet applications.

Offered Spring

FIN 467.  Real Estate Finance and Investment.  (3 Units)  

Prerequisite: FIN 360. Practical analysis of financial techniques and investment opportunities and procedures for real property; investigation of costs, returns, profitability, tax implications, depreciation, financial institutions, markets, instruments, agencies of real estate finance, uses of computerized analysis.

Offered Spring

FIN 468.  Seminar in Investment Analysis.  (3 Units)  

Prerequisite: FIN 360. Security analysis, valuation and portfolio management; emphasis on investment criteria, sources of information, types of financial investments. Three hours of seminar per week.

Offered Fall, Spring

FIN 480.  Economics Of The Firm.  (3 Units)  

Prerequisites: ECO 210, ECO 211 and OMG 321. Applications of economic theory to management decisions; emphasis on analysis and quantitative techniques appropriate for solving forecasting, production, cost and pricing problems under various market conditions; computer applications when appropriate.

Offered As needed

FIN 481.  Financial Inst & Mgmt.  (3 Units)  

Prerequisite: FIN 360. Management of financial institutions, including principles, practices and procedures financing, international capital asset pricing model and ethical concerns. Case analysis, oral/written presentation and computer usage required.

Offered Fall, Spring, Summer

FIN 484.  Financial Forecasting & Modeling.  (3 Units)  

Required Prerequisite: FIN 360. Techniques for estimation of sales, investment, and other financial variables. Emphasis will be on modeling using statistical software and spreadsheets.

Offered Fall, Spring

FIN 485.  Entrepreneurial Finance.  (3 Units)  

Prerequisite: FIN 360. This course focuses on the unique financing issues as they relate to starting and managing a new business venture or a small business. The course covers topics such as sources of capital for start-ups, financial planning for growing businesses, venture capital, and Initial Public Offerings.

Offered Fall, Spring

FIN 487.  Fixed Income Securities and Valuation.  (3 Units)  

Prerequisite(s): FIN 360 required. Students will master the concepts of yield, duration, factors influencing interest rates and bond prices. Identify bond market segments and explain common-characteristics and differences. Construct bond portfolios, measure portfolio risk and return, and manage a $1 million virtual bond portfolio.

Offered Fall, Spring

FIN 488.  Multinatl Financial Trans.  (3 Units)  

Prerequisite: FIN 360. Short term export and import financing, including the fundamentals of foreign exchange, commercial drafts, and letters of credit; international banking procedures, private and public sources, and problems of risk and security.

Offered Fall, Spring

FIN 494.  Independent Study in Finance.  (3 Units)  

Independent study of particular topics in Finance under the direction of a full time member of the Finance Department. CR/NC grading.

Offered Fall, Spring

FIN 496.  Internship in Finance.  (3 Units)  

Under the direction of the Internship Coordinator, students work in a business organization applying the skills and knowledge learned in the classroom. CR/NC grading.

Offered Fall, Spring

FIN 500.  Advanced Topics in Finance.  (3 Units)  

Prerequisite: FIN 360. Analysis of decisions in financial management. Includes financial planning, working capital management, capital budgeting, valuation analysis, portfolio management, capital structure, ethical and multinational concerns. Case analysis, oral/written presentation and computer usage required.

Offered Fall, Spring

FIN 502.  Adv Topics in Internatl Bus.  (3 Units)  

Prerequisite: FIN 360. Exploration of issues related to all functional areas within a global business environment. Emphasizes the additional opportunities, risks, uncertainties and difficulties of conducting business across national boundaries. Case analysis, oral/written presentation and computer usage required.

Offered Fall, Spring

FIN 503.  Advan Topics in Multinatl Fin.  (3 Units)  

Prerequisite: FIN 502. Financial decision making in global setting: financial systems, Euro-currency markets, balance of payments, foreign exchange markets, risk measurement, hedging, trade.

Offered Fall, Spring

FIN 504.  Corp. Fin-Valuation Approach.  (3 Units)  

Prerequisite: FIN 500. Principles of valuation; projecting earnings; discounting future cash flows; the price/earnings method; dividend discount model; market value vs. replacement value; the role of premiums when buying public companies; financing alternatives.

Offered Infrequent

FIN 505.  Adv. Mgt of Fin Institutions.  (3 Units)  

Prerequisite: FIN 500. An examination of the nature and role of financial institutions in the economy, money markets, and capital markets, the Federal Reserve System and monetary policy, the commercial banking system, thrift institutions, insurance companies, pension funds, investment companies, and other major financial institutions.

Offered Fall

FIN 506.  Invest & Portfolio Management.  (3 Units)  

Prerequisite: FIN 500. An overview of the investment environment for the institutional money manager. The market mechanism, market equilibrium, the relationship between risk and return and the valuation of various investment instruments are investigated. Analyzes contemporary theories and techniques of security selection and management available to the institution portfolio manager.

Offered Spring

FIN 507.  Derivatives & Future Markets.  (3 Units)  

Prerequisite: FIN 500. Futures markets; mechanics of buying and selling futures; options; pricing of options; hedging; regulation of futures markets; stock index futures; interest rate futures; interest rate and other swaps.

Offered Fall

FIN 508.  Financial Forecast and Modeling.  (3 Units)  

Students will gain a deep understanding of modern forecasting theories and methodologies widely used in industry that will allow them to forecast relevant business and economic variables that are vital for decision makers in companies and governments.

Offered Fall, Spring, Summer

FIN 595.  Selected Topics in Finance.  (3 Units)  

Prerequisites: Graduate standing and FIN 500. Intensive study of a specialized area of Finance on a selected topic of particular interest to faculty and students. Three hours of seminar per week. Specific topic listed in class schedule. Repeatable course.

Offered Infrequent