Academic Catalog 2021-2022

Early Start English (ESE)

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ESE 1.  Early Start English.  (1 Units)  

Provides students with an opportunity to: practice critical reading and writing necessary for success in college-level classes; engage in discussions in an academic discourse; strengthen grammatical and mechanical skills; and learn appropriate resources and standards important to success in English classes.

Offered Summer

ESE 88.  Early Start Developmental Reading.  (3 Units)  

Intensive work in basic reading and writing skills with emphasis on college-level reading and writing. CSU English Placement Test scores of T-141 or below are required to complete this course prior to enrolling in ENG 110. May be taken concurrently with ESE 099. Graded CR/NC.

Offered Summer

ESE 95.  Special Topics in Writing.  (1 Units)  

Co-Requisite: ESE 195 is required. Workshop model classes provide additional instruction and practice in course content and objectives.

Offered Summer

ESE 99.  Early Start Basic Writing Workshop.  (3 Units)  

English Placement Test T-scores of T-141 or lower. Focus on clear, correct sentences, with an introduction to paragraphing in the context of the essay. Essays concentrate on narrative and personal experience leading to critical exposition. May be taken concurrently with ESE 088. Graded CR/NC.

Offered Summer

ESE 195.  Special Topics in Writing.  (2 Units)  

Co-requisite: ESE 095 is required. CSU Placement Category III and IV. Intensive six-week course introduces students to college writing terms, concepts, and practices.

Offered Summer