Academic Catalog 2021-2022

Dual Language Learning (DLL)

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DLL 520.  Foundations of Critical (Bi) Literacy in Dual Language & Immersion Education.  (3 Units)  

Explores critical approaches to (bi)literacy instruction in dual language classrooms with attention to literacy learning experiences of LatinX students in U.S. PreK-12 schools. Students will develop a research study to disentangle the sociocultural aspects of literacy learning. Course taught in Spanish.

Offered Fall

DLL 521.  Contrastive Linguistics and Assessment for Dual Language Educators.  (3 Units)  

Focuses on the contrastive analysis of the structures of the Spanish and English languages through the disciplines of Phonology, Morphology, Semantics and Syntax to address issues related to (1) dialectal variation in Spanish and English and (2) linguistic and educational assessments of levels of language acquisition of Spanish and English.

Offered Fall

DLL 523.  Academic Discourse and Socio-Emotional Learning.  (3 Units)  

Course is designed to prepare teachers to think deeply and critically as to how content is taught using academic/professional Spanish as instructors in dual language programs in elementary and secondary schools. The course will also examine issues and interventions related to the social-emotional growth and development of children and youth and encourage reflection on school and community practices. Course taught in Spanish.

Offered Spring

DLL 524.  Emergent Learning for Young Dual Language Learners.  (3 Units)  

To foster leadership skills in elementary bilingual teachers in dual language instruction, research-based practices in dual immersion programs, curriculum design, culturally responsive instructional practice and assessment appropriate for young children. Course taught in Spanish.

Offered Spring

DLL 525.  Practices and Strategies for Bi-Literacy Development in Bilingual/Dual Settings.  (3 Units)  

Course is designed to prepare teachers to be leaders in the field of curriculum design and professional development in dual language instruction in elementary and secondary schools. The focus of the course is on the best practices that develop bi-literacy. Participants will plan and develop curricula both in Spanish and/or sheltered English based on the principles of dual language. Course taught in Spanish.

Offered Spring