Academic Catalog 2021-2022

Women's Studies

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College of Arts and Humanities
Division of World Cultural and Gender Studies

Program Description

Women’s Studies explores the experiences of women in cultures and societies around the world. Students in the program acquire the knowledge and skills to understand the history and structures of gender inequalities and how to advocate for women’s rights and freedoms. 

CSUDH’s Women’s Studies Program examines the social construction of gender and sexual difference. Through feminist theory and interdisciplinary methods, Women’s Studies explores the ways gender relates to and intersects with ethnicity, race, social class, religion, sexuality, nationality, globalization and other factors that have shaped women’s and men’s lives.

Students in the Women’s Studies Program acquire the knowledge and skills to advocate for social justice and change, learning the importance of interconnecting local and global communities.

Academic Advisement

The Women’s Studies Program is designed to allow students maximum flexibility and to be tailored to their interests and needs. Students should seek faculty advisement upon entering the program and routinely thereafter. Faculty advisors work with students to provide information about program requirements, course availability, coursework, and career options.  Advisors will also help students prepare for graduate work in Women’s Studies and related fields. Students should contact the Program Coordinator, Dr. Jenn Brandt (, to set up advising appointments.


No specific high school or community college courses are required as prerequisites. Students are expected to have college-level reading and writing skills and an interest in understanding the complex forces that determine gender roles.

Career Paths

Understanding the gendered dynamics of society and workforce gives students a competitive edge in meeting the challenges of the contemporary world. Women’s Studies helps students evaluate their own choices and options in a rapidly changing society and understand where and how their talents and skills may best serve their own and society’s needs.

Women’s Studies helps students prepare for the professional world in a number of ways. As an interdisciplinary program, Women’s Studies exposes students to a number of different schools of thought, theories, and methodologies. Students who study Women’s Studies go on to a variety of careers in the arts, business, social services, community organizing, and government agencies. Women’s Studies can help students specialize their career with a focus on women and gender, and can enhance students’ job prospects in counseling, education, law, medicine, and technology, as well as creative fields and other business endeavors.