Academic Catalog 2021-2022

Labor Studies

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College of Arts and Humanities
Department of Interdisciplinary Studies

Program Description

In 1977, the Labor Studies program was developed at CSU Dominguez Hills to provide Southern California with the only state-supported bachelor of arts program in this field. Our program was designed with the assistance of state and local labor leaders and was coordinated with Labor Studies programs at nearby community colleges. Labor Studies focuses upon all aspects of working life from the point of view of workers. Emphasis is placed on understanding the labor movement as it relates to historical, economic, and social issues of the twenty-first century. The Labor Studies program offers a major, a minor, and a certificate program.


Besides being unique in Southern California, the CSU Dominguez Hills Labor Studies Program offers students a wide variety of courses taught by professors in a range of different disciplines. Labor Studies is an interdepartmental program, which means that along with specialized courses in labor studies, students also take related classes in fields such as history, sociology and economics. The student will acquire a good liberal arts education, as well as an education in the more practical aspects of labor studies. Such courses as LBR 412 Labor Law are taught by labor lawyers and unionists who are currently involved in the workplace.

Evening Program

Every effort is made to schedule courses in the evening and on weekends. There are also internet and hybrid classes.

Academic Advisement

The faculty members comprising the Labor Studies Committee are available for advising students. Students should first contact the coordinator of the Labor Studies Program for counsel or direction to someone with the expertise to assist them. Upon enrollment, a student should establish a relationship with an advisor who can help provide continuity during the student's college years.


Students coming from high school must meet the California State University requirements for admission to CSU Dominguez Hills. Otherwise, prospective Labor Studies majors do not need to have taken any specific courses. It is recommended that community college transfer students complete their General Education courses before entering the Labor Studies program.

Student Organizations

Labor Studies Club. Students interested in the field can participate in the Labor Studies Club, which organizes discussions and forums on current topics, holds social events and advises faculty and students on aspects of the program.

Graduation With Honors

An undergraduate student may be a candidate for graduation with Honors in Labor Studies provided he or she meets the following criteria:

  1. A minimum of 36 units in residence at CSU Dominguez Hills;
  2. A minimum grade point average of at least 3.5 in all courses used to satisfy the upper division requirements in the major;
  3. Recommendation by the faculty of the Labor Studies Department.