Academic Catalog 2021-2022

Audio Technology, Certificate

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Required Courses

DMA 330Audio Recording3
DMA 331Audio Recording Lab1
DMA 335Music Synthesis3
DMA 336Music Synthesis Lab1
DMA 430Advanced Audio Recording3
DMA 431Advanced Audio Recording Lab1
DMA 432Recording Studio Maintenance2
DMA 433Recording Studio Maintenance Lab1
PHY 331Audio Electronics3
PHY 335Digital Electronics3
PHY 337Microprocessors3
Total Hours24

Synthesizer Proficiency Exam

Requires the student to demonstrate a knowledge of contemporary analog and digital synthesis terms and techniques and to produce a specified sonic design on a studio synthesizer.

Audio Recording Proficiency Exam

Requires the student to demonstrate a practical working knowledge of standard studio procedures and techniques as well as operational familiarity with the equipment found in a multi-track recording facility.