Academic Catalog 2021-2022


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College of Arts and Humanities
Department of Communications

Subject Matter Preparation Program

(for requirements, refer to the English section in this catalog)

Program Description

Students dedicated to building professional careers in print and digital media, film, television, and the closely related fields of public relations and advertising, as well as those interested in preparing for post-baccalaureate programs, will find degree programs designed by the Communications Department to meet their needs and to develop their skills and interests. The curriculum provides a broad understanding of communications media within a liberal arts framework.

Advertising Minor

The department offers an Interdisciplinary Minor in Advertising, in conjunction with the College of Business Administration and Public Policy and the Art and Design Department, combining courses in advertising, marketing and graphic design. The Advertising Minor provides an overview of both the business and creative sides of the advertising field.

Communications Minor

The Communications minor integrates rather than segregates instruction in media studies, advertising/public relations, and journalism. Students are required to take two lower division courses and then choose their upper division courses based on their interests.

Academic Advisement

Full-time faculty members serve as academic advisors for Communication minors. Students are strongly encouraged to seek faculty advisement upon admission and regularly thereafter. Faculty advisors work with students to provide information about major and minor degree requirements, preparation for post-baccalaureate programs, and career options.


High school students are encouraged to take college preparatory English courses. Students planning to transfer from community college should consult with their counselor or advisor to identify appropriate transferable lower division courses.

Student Organizations

The Communications Department has sponsored a chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) since 1979. The chapter’s mission is:

  1. to serve its student members by enhancing their knowledge of public relations and providing access to professional development opportunities; and
  2. to serve the public relations profession by helping to develop highly qualified, well-prepared professionals.

PRSSA cultivates a favorable and mutually advantageous relationship between student members and professional public relations practitioners. The CSUDH Chapter is highly active, holding monthly meetings and sponsoring various on- and off-campus social and professional activities.

The Department also sponsors the student organization The Society of Independent Student Journalists (SISJ). Its mission is:

  1. to offer educational and professional support for student journalists;
  2. to reinforce and strengthen the guiding principles of independent journalists;
  3. to give student journalists the opportunity to network with industry professionals and instructors; and
  4. to ensure all interested students are proficient in the principles and practices of journalism professionals.